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Passion's Thunder
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Older Romance novel about h Anne and her bro Jim who travel west to work on railroad. H is named Guy. [s]

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Danielle Kitchens | 9 comments Possible spoilers...Guy is attracted to Anne but fights it a bit. He doesn’t like her brother. Guy’s last name is along the lines of Masters...Masterson (I think)
When Jim is killed in an accident Anne gets job for railroad baking pies.
Guy wants her to leave bc he feels it’s too dangerous. Over time she becomes cook for his camp of men (they go ahead of the trains and lay the actual tracks and build the bridges) and Guy and Anne become involved. After she suffers miscarriage he tries once more to leave her for her own good. They end up together though
Read in the 90’s but is possibly older than that. Cover of book was typical half dressed woman and man in awkward embrace

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Danielle Kitchens | 9 comments That was it! Thank you so much :-)

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