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September 2019: Cultural > Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts 4/5

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Nicole D. | 1470 comments Finally! My sister bought me the DTB and Anita bought me the Kindle version, but my attention span is shot, so 1,000 page books are audio for me these days. It was a very good book and very well-done audio.

I travel a lot and India is a place I just haven't wanted to visit. This was a great way to feel immersed in India and its culture (or at least its pre-tech culture...not sure what it's like now.) I loved how Bombay was a melting pot. For me, India was as much a character in the book as any of the people.

It was a long epic tale of friendship, escape, survival, crime, drugs, love... (a little bit of a man a little too impressed with his bad self.)

3/4 of this book was 5 stars for me. You know the expression jumping the shark? Well, I'm going to change it to "then the Russians showed up". It's such a trite way to take a story (ahem, The Goldfinch). Anyway, I loved it until then.

I later found out that this book is based on true events. It's not out of the question that the thing with the Russians really happened, but I don't care, it still irked me.

Definitely a worthy read.

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Susan Lewallen (susanlewallen) | 418 comments Thanks for this. I like your expression - the Russians showed up. My son started bugging me to read this after he did, at least 10 years ago. Maybe it's time I did.

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