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Mid-Unit Assessment Task 20 September 2019

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Ms K | 9 comments Mod

Due Date: Friday 20 September 2019
You are going to submit your essay in two ways:

1. Email it to Ms K.
Font: Times New Roman, Size 12
Line spacing: 1.5
Margins: Justified
Doc name: Name G10U2 Mid-Unit e.g. “Sally G10U2 Mid-Unit”
Format: Microsoft Word (no Pages or other Mac-compatible formats please!)

2. Copy-Paste your essay onto the discussion board in the Grade 10 group on Goodreads

message 2: by Jennie (new)

Jennie | 8 comments Mod

Through this project, I read a book is called “I am Malala.” It’s an autobiography of the girl who stood up for woman right and education. It helped me to grow as a reader in many ways.

Firstly, this is the first autobiography I have finished. I usually liked to read books about science fiction or romance novels. However, through this unit, I started to challenge a new genre of books called autobiography. Before I start this unit, I usually read a short version of autobiography without reading the whole book. This time, it helped me to be a better reader by reading the whole book. Also when I read a book, I did not set a goal or underline something but by this project, I started to change. The first thing that changed was I started to set goals before reading a book. My goals are read a total of 5 books within this year and expand my vocabulary. I have read five books within this year and also expanded my vocabulary by looking up words that I do not recognize or understand and write it in a notebook to memorize it. Also, the second thing that has changed these days is I am underlining some sentences that I think it is important or interesting to me.

Secondly, this book helped me to change the way I see the world. She taught all about forgiveness. In this book, she said “I do not even hate the Taliban who shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand and he is in front of me I would not shoot him.” To be honest, I didn’t understand at first. Because there was nothing wrong with Malala but she was shot on the bus just because she was a girl. If I were her, I would be so bitter and resentful go Taliban. However, she forgive everything and focus on her life. I admire her so much and she helped me to see the world with charity. From now on, I felt that if someone did something wrong, I should forgive him generously.

Thirdly, I bought and read a book from a website called Amazon while experiencing becoming a 21st century reader. In fact, the most difficult part of this project was buying books on the website. As it was my first time trying it, it wasn’t familiar and I spent a lot of time. What's really fortunate is that it was worth it. It was much easier to read an eBook than to read a real book. For example, when you read a real book, if you have a word you don't know, you should search for it by looking for a mobile phone or laptop, but if you use eBook, you don’t have to search it up, you van just click the word you don’t know so you can save your time. Also, you can always underline some sentences or delete it from the eBook. And we had a website called Goodreads. In that website, we shared information with each other or shared the current status of book and I felt marvelous because it felt like a small facebook in our class.

Through this project, I was able to grow as a reader. For example, I could become better reader by trying genre that I did not usually read, or by reading books on the website to become 21st century reader. I hope that I will continue to grow as a reader by this kind of project or by myself.

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Jungmin  Park | 7 comments Mod
Jung min Park Grade 10 Unit 2 Mid-Unit Assessment

Over the past two weeks, I have developed myself as a reader so much, and there are many changes on the way I read books. First, the pace of reading has become much faster than before as the time period I can finish this book became shorter than normal, so I figured out how to read efficiently and accurately without so much details, and how to speed up my reading pace as well. Secondly, I used to highlight every passage that represents the author’s personal feelings and thoughts, and it helped me so much in terms of making a sense of the author’s detailed emotions and recognizing some important parts and some that are not. For example, if I highlighted a passage that I thought was really important, next time I could find the pages where his personal thoughts are intensively gathered, and I could read that part again so that I could be able to completely understand what is the general point and thought of the author and what he wanted to show in this chapter.

As I am reading the autobiography of an explorer, I thought the view about the world might be unique and interesting from others, and as I expected, he showed how much he was odd and how the way he behaved and felt was special, when he was young. We both started our life with a little confidence, but compared to him and me, he was different and admirable enough in terms of he did a lot of efforts to figure out his identity and try to do what he likes to do, without caring others. One of his quotes that shows his thoughts about viewing world: “So there you had it: I had been arrested for nudity, flunked my exams, and failed at getting a girlfriend – but I had a hunger for adventure and the love of a great family in my soul. I was as ready, as I could ever be, for my entrance into the big bad world.” As these quotes show his cool personality, he taught me that everyone could finally find their own way to live life, regardless of what I have been failed so far. Under his influence, I changed my view of seeing world, and what I learnt from this quote is that the world is quite short, variety, and free to do anything. After reading this book, the way I see the world becomes free and comfortable.

It has been a fresh experience for me to become a 21st century reader, because I originally preferred to read in paper books rather than e books, but this reading experience changed my reading style and preference about books as well. After reading a book on an e book, I loved the convenience that an e book can be opened whenever I want to read it, and in terms of making notes and highlighting, I realized that e book is much easier and convenient. Besides that, I found out that being part of a community in a reading book website is quite interesting and helpful because by sharing personal thoughts and viewing other’s updating progresses, we could build a relationship through the community and made friends I was not even close to. Although it took a long time to buy a book in the internet, it also was the new experience for me to buy a book in new way, and I liked it, because it made me feel like I became a real 21st century reader and really developed myself as a reader.

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Jessie | 6 comments Mod
The book “ Yes, Please” is a book written by Amy Poehler, it’s both an autobiography and a memoir. While I was reading her book, she use lot of words that I don’t see in my life, so I will go to find the definition, this help me to have the ability to use dictionary and to use English to understand an English word. Also her book is very humorous, so I could really sit here reading an autobiography for 30 minutes.( I hate autobiography and memoir before I read her book, and my reading habits are even worse then my biology score…) I wasn’t that kind of person who like to read and keep on track of my reading progress, but in this unit, I have a super long vocabulary list and I highlight the sentences that I think it’s quite interested to me.
In this book one of the most obvious and difficult to understand words is that powerful women know how to ask what they want and they will not apologize for it. Strong women say "yes" because they want, not because they don't know how to say no. They say "please" because they don't need permission to enjoy what they do. But when I read her thoughts about life, I understood her, although this is not a feminist book, but Amy Poehler tells others about some of her life and some of the wonders she encountered. The work is based on using myself as an example to encourage women to pursue what they want. Of course, Poehler also encourages politeness to pursue their dreams. I think this book helped me to understand how society look like and how women should pursue the dreams we had.
Some quotes from the book:
1.“I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things.”
2.“That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her! Not for me.”
3.“how a person treats their waitress is a great indication of their character.”
To becoming a 21st century reader, I choose to read online instead of buying paper book. I use a website called scribd, which is Ms.K recommend to me. To becoming a 21st century reader is not just means that I’m using ebooks or kindle, I’m using a whole new perspective to see some old questions. For example, the main idea of this book is Amy Poehler was using her own experiences to encourage women do the thing they want. We are using a new perspectives or some new concepts of world to see the old problems, we are developing our thinking.
Automatic processes:
While I was reading book, I began with the last page I read, it’s will refresh about what I read last time. I create a vocabulary list on my computer, if I have some words that I don’t understand, I will go online and search it, and copy paste the definition in to my vocabulary list. After I done with my reading, I update my progress on Goodreads. I think while I was doing this project, I trained my ability to read a book for at least 30 minutes, it’s quite impressed for me, because I can t read for long time before. As a reader, I thinking about myself and the author, the thing that are related and common with author. For example, I highlight some sentences that I fell empathy and I some ideas about this sentence on scribd.

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AlexZhu | 2 comments Mod
Reading the Mans Search For Answer was not a easy things, fortunately I had touch the holocaust in the past by reading the Anne Frank. I had read some background information and summary before reading the actual text. I had hear about the gas chambers when I was reading about the Anne Frank but in fact I did not go research about it, but now I do understand the story of it.
I had already read more than half of the book, I feels like I was almost finish the book but I still keep on go back in the story and read some detail again and again. For example, around page 72 it is the part that author describing about the gas chambers, group around 70 people was send to the chamber with hope of being survived, but in facts the only things waiting is death.
“I mentioned earlier how everything that was not connected with the immediate task of keeping oneself and one's closest friends alive lost its value. Everything was sacrificed to this end. A man's character became involved to the point that he was caught in a mental turmoil which threatened all the values he held and threw them into doubt. Under the influence of a world which no longer recognized the value of human life and human dignity, which had robbed man of his will and had made him an object to be exterminated (having planned, however, to make full use of him first to the last ounce of his physical resources) under this influence the personal ego finally suffered a loss of values. If the man in the concentration camp did not struggle against this in a last effort to save his self-respect, he lost the feeling of being an individual, a being with a mind, with inner freedom and personal value. He thought of himself then as only a part of an enormous mass of people; his existence descended to the level of animal life. The men were herded - sometimes to one place then to another; sometimes driven together, then apart - like a flock of sheep without a thought or a will of their own. A small but dangerous pack watched them from all sides, well versed in methods of torture and sadism. They drove the herd incessantly, backwards and forwards, with shouts, kicks and blows. And we, the sheep, thought of two things only how to evade the bad dogs and how to get a little food.”(70 Viktor) in this paragraph, author basically provide a situation that happened and he observed during the time when those jewish do not have choose of life, their feelings their thought, all been Destry by the rulers and the inhuman ruling system, living just like animal. I understand the idea of live like a animal could be understandable but in ironic, I question myself how many people in the world now still live like a animal. People move base on their desire, they will not have any other thinking excerpt thinking about how to prove their value of being alive.
This book are just like a tools book, it reflect human nature and teach ways of solving problems, but the understanding of the book will be different by the person who read it. Behind the book was tuns of realist story that was worth out of any price.

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William Grace (smile_10) | 2 comments Mod
September 18, 2019
Refection Born a Crime
 I never read on my own, What I mean is I won’t force myself to read, but now after this book I want to read I don’t tell myself or push myself I’ll just start reading alone, because of this book Born a Crime  I might become a reader in the future I might start liking books. I changed A lot on how to read these 2 weeks, before it was just reading a book and taking notes, that is all, and before my school only allowed real book, these 2 weeks, its my first time experiencing so much in a ebook, and how nice an ebook can be, how to take notes, highlighting and the best part is dictionary, before not knowing a word I need to memorize it and go search it when I get back home, and usually at that point when a get back home I forget about it, but with a kindle its just a click, the ebook is really useful. 

 I thought that the states were where the racism is at, but now after reading the book Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, I know that it’s nowhere better in South Africa, there are racist laws in South Africa it’s crazy how can law be racist, the law is supposed to be fair, but South Africa had a rule that back people can’t go into the advanced part of a city. “In America, you had the forced removal of the native onto reservations coupled with slavery followed by segregation. Imagine all three of those things happening to the same group of people at the same time. That was apartheid.” (Noah Pg19). Trevor is trying to tell, us that South Africa is nowhere better than America but even worse than the states. “What I do remember, what I will never forget, is the violence that followed. The triumph of democracy over apartheid is sometimes called the Bloodless Revolution. It is called that because very little whit blood was spilled Black blood ran in the streets.” (Noah Pg11). This quote from Trevor Noah, is also about racism, how people think white people are in a higher class than black people, in the quote is talking about no matter how many black people die, It’s still less important than a few white people.
Having and learning a ebook/e-reader, is one of the best things ever I have 5points, firstly purchasing books buying a ebook, the pros are it’s cheap and you can get the full version, you can also get books for free, cons are the downloading sometimes are slow, and you might not find all the books you want. Secondly highlighting, I never do any highlighting on a real book because, I don’t want to ruin the book, but with an ebook, you don’t need to care and it’s just a click of a button. Thirdly notes, taking notes on a real book is so hard, because you don’t want to write in the book, and who will bring post-its everywhere. Fourthly Dictionary before with a real book you have two choices you can use an actual dictionary or your phone, but with an ebook, all you need to do is hold your finger on the screen for 2 seconds, and you get everything. lastly is portability you have two choices bring a bag full of books, highlighters, post-its, and a dictionary. to everywhere. or just a thin pad. 
In conclusion, an ebook is so much better than the original physical book. physical books killed a million trees for pages, and if everybody had an ebook, the world will be a better place. I will recommend everyone to get an ebook, just because it’s so much better.

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Annie (annieyu) | 2 comments Mod

As a reader, I have learned some truth, get some knowledge and know more about life. In the process of reading, I will look up the words that I don’t understand in the dictionary so that my vocabulary increased a little and I also developed a good habit of reading.

I used to read without taking notes, and never highlight the sentence. Because I don't think it's necessary to do that. But after a while, some information or my favorite sentences may be forgotten when I want to use it. Because of this, I have changed. Now I will highlight some information, so if I want to use some information, I could find it quickly.

Reading this book let me understand that no matter how bad your fate is, you can still make a difference. So don’t give up.

Hawking was seriously ill when he was 21. At first he was hopelessness, but love gives him hope, so he did not give up himself. Through his efforts, he crated a miracle that amazed everyone and became one of the greatest physicists of modern times. This story encouraged me. There is such a sentence in the book ‘Although there was a cloud hanging over my future, I found to my surprise that I was enjoying life.’Hawking was born on the anniversary of Galileo and died on Einstein’s birthday. Is this a historical coincidence? I don’t know. But I think maybe it's a wonderful reincarnation. We always say that his journey is the sea of star.

The internet makes reading more convenient. Becoming a Twenty-first Century reader, I have learnt how to chose and read a book on the internet. I also have learnt how to share my ideas with people from all over the world.

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Anna (annayujie) | 4 comments Mod
First the book I read is “coco Chanel,” from past two week, this book really change me a lot, before I read this book I hate those kind of book, and I like to read fictions. And now I feel I grow from a child to a young adult, and I find out that those kind of book also have a lot of fun. I start to read non-fiction! And this is the first time I read a biography in english, it’s kinda challenge for a noob, but it helps me in different way. It expanded my horizon, before I only like Chanel this brand, and the only thing I know is this brand made very fashion cloth, and I don’t know that Chanel have such a long history. And I also get some really good principle from this book, what I know is a girl lose her family when she was six years old who have a big dream about fashion and design, made this legendary brand. Before Chanel became Coco, her life was miserable. her mother had died when she was only 6 years old. Chanel and her sister grew up in such a place without any warmth, and their entire childhood was accompanied only by strict rules and fantasies of leaving the monastery life after adulthood. her such terrible experience and her motivational story touch me,and even make me feel adore of her life.
Actually Chanel experience also help me to understand the world. In that time in Europe, expect the woman work in the factory ,their is no option for woman to have work opportunity. Their only way to make their life easier is to married a rich husband, and they need play up to their husband,get more power in family. But Chanel break this rule, she became a independent entrepreneur when she was 21. I think she open the road for all the woman, and not rely on anyone,being alive for herself,independent and strong. And she dare to be the first one, I truly admire her spirit. And a unforgettable quote I remember from the story is said by Chanel only lover Boy Cape : "too much pride will suffer hardship.” Chanel is a girl who put her dignity at first, and actually this is what a lot woman want to pursue.
And in this unit I also focus on a web call Goodreads, which help me to record my reading process,it actually a good experience to lear things from that. Before I always read on paper books, which is not that convince compare with reading online. Reading online provide my so many good thing. Such as, I don't need go to shop to buy the book, the only things download kindle, and read there. And for fortune , I can read my book for free! And after that I spend some time on my Goodreads community, I add all my classmate as friend. And I post my reflection inside group chat. And see what book other people are reading, and so many comment publish by different people. I really enjoy all the process.

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