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message 1: by Galy (new)

Galy (galleria) | 75 comments Hi, could you change the cover of this book? I own it and the cover is different. Amazon has the real cover.

ISBN: 9780141330556

Amazon link:

Thank you!

message 2: by Emily (last edited Sep 19, 2019 03:36PM) (new)

Emily | 13000 comments This is what we call an alternate cover edition. The publishers have used the same ISBN for different covers. Only one edition can have the ISBN on Goodreads.
Here's the edition you are looking for I think:
I've added the ISBN to this edition because it is newer.

message 3: by Galy (new)

Galy (galleria) | 75 comments Oh I didn't know that! I've switched my current read to that edition, thank you!

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