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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fantasy Girl accused of murder of uncle? father? which is done through some sort of magic. has to flee home, meets man on the road and travel together, trying to clear her name

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message 1: by Carly (last edited Sep 17, 2019 11:58AM) (new)

Carly Laird | 1 comments So I'm desperately hoping I didn't dream this book up. I read it when I was in middle school (so somewhere between 2007-2010). This was a phase when I would go to Goodwill with my mom and pick up literally any book that had a horse on the cover (this is also how I accidentally discovered Wild Magic and the world of Tamora Pierce). So here's what I remember:

I'm most sure of the cover, which is super vivid in my mind. The cover was a girl on a white horse-like animal. She's wearing really colorful clothing, possibly a cloak. It's an illustration and the background of the book surrounding the image is black. It's possible the cover art has changed because I've searched this description in as much detail as possible on Google and come up with nothing.

As for plot, I've some vague details. I believe this book was part of a series. A girl (teen age or up?) either witnesses the murder of someone in her family and is framed for it, or is tricked into thinking she did it and that she should runaway. I think the murder is actually done by a corrupt uncle? So she's either exiled or runs away. At some point she meets this guy on the road. He might have been a robber who kidnapped her, but I don't remember. As for the horse-like animal, they use it to travel. I remember it being really tall, white, and having a longish, thick coat.

Other random details: I remember there being mentions of houses, like family houses within the kingdom. I think the girl was from a pretty rich house, daughter of the leader. And the murder that happens in the beginning has to do with magic, some sort of corruption in leadership (her uncle?). I also remember an early scene of some sort of meeting of important leaders talking about magic politics, or something like that. I think this was the inciting incident that leads to the murder.

Hoping to find this book that's been haunting me for weeks. Younger me lost focus and never finished the series, but now I'm dying to find it. Thank you!

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Searabbits | 54 comments My first thought was: Arrows of the Queen - has a white horse - though the rest of the cover doesn't add up.

Otherwise, have you looked through the Books with Horses on the Cover list?

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