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Marley Valentine | 51 comments “Where do you think you’re going?”
“What?” she feigns.
“I’ve been sitting across that table wanting to kiss you and touch you all night, you’re not getting away from me so fast.”
“But I bought dessert from my favourite place, and I really want you to try it,” she pouts.
“Your pussy tastes sweeter.”
She heats up in embarrassment and burrows her head in my chest.
“Please try the dessert,” she murmurs.
“Fine. But you owe me.” She bites her bottom lip to hide her smile, but I release it with my thumb, wanting to see her whole face transform. “You’re fucking beautiful, you know that?”
Every part of her beams. “You’ve mentioned it.”
I swat her arse to break the haze and force myself not to fuck her in the kitchen. “Get my dessert, already.”
She bounces to the fridge and tells me to go and wait for her on the couch. Wanting to get to my dessert sooner, I do exactly as she asks.
She walks out with two small plates, and I almost expect her to sing happy birthday with the way she’s holding them. Gently placing them on the coffee table, she sits on the couch facing me. Crossing her denim covered legs, she points at mine. “Take your shoes off and sit like this.”
“I don’t think this changes how dessert tastes,” I tease.
“It doesn’t, but it definitely determines how many portions you get.”

Jennifer (jennifershiflett) | 251 comments I loved this book!!

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