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S.R. Arturia (srarturia) | 25 comments Hello,

I've 45k/50k down for my next steamy fantasy romance (though I intend to finish it within a week or less). I'm looking for a critique swap partner who can work at a quick pace with me. My preferred reading genre is anything fantasy, especially if it has lots of erotic elements.

I can share the document via google docs.

WIP Blurb.

What’s the life like as the daughter of a villainous sorceress?

Alsir has had enough of being the belittled middle child to Iron Mistress - a feared sorceress. When she is told to fetch her mother an owlcat, Alsir plans to fail on purpose to finally be rid of her mother's influence.

Djin are a family of fey from the Sandsea and Nilidh one who has paid dearly for trying to assassinate the sworn enemy of his people. Bound to Iron Mistress by her magic, he is forced to act as a guide to Alsir on a mission across the Sandsea.

The former enemies set sail over the dunes on an adventure to find the truth behind an ancient myth. Though they spit fire at each other heat of the desert sun ignites sparks of desire that no enmity can quench.

message 2: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Hartmann | 31 comments Hello! Would you be interested in swapping for my NA Fantasy The Crown of Bones?

My current word count is around 70K. I am a pretty fast reader and provide thorough feedback.

Here is a blurb:
In a secluded mountain valley where the inhabitants believe in fairy tales, everyone is elated for the May Day Jubilee to see who will be chosen as Offerings to the Goddess Bergot.
Everyone, that is, besides Gisela.
Since the death of her brother, Gisela works hard to support her family. The only sources of happiness are her sister and an old friend named Brahm. When Gisela jilts the wealthy Lord Schulze, and Brahm punches him, the two find their fate sealed with a Black Letter.
As Offerings to the Goddess Bergot, Gisela, Brahm, and six strangers must leave the safety of the valley to find the mythical Crown of Bergot. No Offering has ever returned to the valley, but Gisela is determined to get back to her sister.
The journey is filled with deadly obstacles, resembling the fairy tales Gisela grew up with.
In the midst of surviving the journey, overcoming the guilt surrounding her brother’s death, and working through her feelings for Brahm, Gisela soon learns that an evil force killing the Offerings wants her for a different purpose. She must find the Crown or risk being possessed by a witch-goddess.

Trigger warnings: cursing, violence, sex

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S.R. Arturia (srarturia) | 25 comments Hi Kayla! Yes, I think I would.

I'm not a NA reader (I think, though who's to say for sure!), but I do think the themes of your novel are my jam. Let's see if we could do swapparoos and help improve each other's works into something even more kick-ass. I'm not good at providing grammatical help, but I can provide feedback on characters, pacing, and other big picture things. I'm hoping for similar feedback since I haven't had time to start line edits yet.

Hit me up via e-mail so we can discuss the details through and share google docs (if that works for you).

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