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Is there a possible similarity between the kolas blood list and the thrill?

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message 1: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (kingsleyshacklebolt77) | 104 comments This just occurred to me I wasn’t sure. Any thoughts?

message 2: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
I think the Koloss "bloodlust" comes primarily from the fact that their tribal organization is rather barbaric due to their lower intelligence, whereas the Thrill is a direct effect of Nergaoul the Unmade's presence. Nergaoul is part of Odium's Investiture, but I don't think we know much more about any Investiture-related side of the Koloss bloodlust... I'd recommend you to Nergaoul's page on the Coppermind and the Koloss Coppermind page

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