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message 1: by P.K. (last edited Sep 15, 2019 07:06PM) (new)

P.K. Davies | 22 comments Hi there!

Could you kindly connect the book below to my Author dashboard.
Joyful Life Mastery is my own publishing company and this Master List was released under the publishing name.

I'd also love to add the book cover, if you could kindly help.

Priya Khajuria

THE MASTER LIST: 222 Magnificent Books for Body, Mind & Spirit: Recommended New Thought, New Age, Spiritual, Manifesting & Law of Attraction Books That Will Elevate Your Life!

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24694 comments The book was imported by the amazon bots, merging the duplicate edition. Very unusual to have the publisher listed as the author. Librarians cannot see your author dashboard, only you can. All we see is the author profile and in this case it is Joyful Life Mastery.

message 3: by P.K. (new)

P.K. Davies | 22 comments Hi there,
Yes, this book is a curated listing of recommendations, so I decided to use my publishing name to differentiate it from my own books.

I didn't realize it would not link it to my author profile here, the way it does in KDP.
Is there a way I can unpublish it here and then upload it again but with my name as the author? Not sure how to edit it or make changes to it...any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

message 4: by P.K. (new)

P.K. Davies | 22 comments ok thanks Scott! I guess I totally screwed it up LOL.
I'll leave it like it is for now.

kind regards, Priya

message 5: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43526 comments Mod
Sandra wrote: "Very unusual to have the publisher listed as the author."

And our policy is that if an individual author is known we list that instead of the publisher as the author. Moved.

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43526 comments Mod
The Adding New Books folder is for requesting the addition of books that don't yet exist on Goodreads. Moved to Book Issues.

message 7: by P.K. (new)

P.K. Davies | 22 comments Rivka, I posted this in Book Issues. Not sure how it got into Adding New Books.

I didn't know about this policy, what do you suggest for me to do next?


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