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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments Fill out a staff application for Diagon Alley here!

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments We need someone in charge of...
-Madame Malkin’s robes for all occasions
-Madame Primpernelle’s beauty potions
-Ollivanders wand shop
-The leaky cauldron
-flourish and blotts
-Potage’s cauldron shop

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments Members you can Rp without the character in charge.

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments Name:

Age: (have to be above 18)


Job you are applying for:

Why we should pick you:

(Your character does not have to be from Hogwarts.)

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