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Ana Tinsley | 7 comments Read sometime around 2014ish. Books starts out at a party where 2 girls are then forced to leave by the main characters BFF's older brother. The main girl kisses the brother when his friend goes into the party to find the guys sister but he pushes her away. They kinda start a frenemy friendship kinda avoiding each other for years. Until they finally get together.

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Lobstergirl | 38154 comments Mod
Deleting duplicate thread from May - please only post your query once, otherwise it gets very confusing. Bookmark your thread so you don't lose it.

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Ana ~~
You can "bump" your thread every month or so. This pushes your thread back to the top of the folder instead of languishing here on page 92 from two months ago where fewer eyes will see it. Get back in the game! Bump!
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