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The History of Bees (Klimakvartetten, #1)
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We are halfway through the month, so it is time to open discussions on The History of Bees by Maja Lunde! Remember this is a SPOILER ZONE. If you haven't finished, then check out the First Impressions thread until you have finished!! This thread is to discuss the outcome of the book, characters, etc. and specific situations in the story! We can't wait to hear what you think!!

Happy Reading!

Alyssa Stricklin Okay oops I just now finished reading this even though I started it in September. Mainly because I didn't exactly think it was great.

Of course, I thought that it was an interesting (yet terrifying) look into our probably future, but also it had some straight up weird subplots (Edmund and also William and also George all had at least a brief sexual encounter or thought that we really didn't need to be clued into). Oh well, I don't regret reading this, just wish it didn't leave me fairly confused as to what half of the subplots were meant to do for the story.

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Katelyn  R. (katelynhope) | 46 comments I STiLL haven’t finished! I actually somehow have managed to misplace my copy, of what I did read though I kinda share yours sentiments. While I think it’s an important and terrifying look at where we are headed the characters and plots are hard to get attached to. Hopefully once the semester is over and stuff slows down I can pick it back up, if I find it lol 😂

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