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Disney_World Put your characters here!

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Luna Lovegood:
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Name: Vicki

Last name: O'neil

House: Ravenclaw

Appearance: Image result for girl with green eyes
Talents: She has wicked memorization skills

What people know her for: Her shyness and taste in makeup


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Name: Sage (Unknown last name)

Nickname: Jaron

Age: 15

Year: 4th

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Personality: Sneaky, never in one spot for long, wild, never can be trusted. If he gets nervous, he will run away. He always steps with cautious. You don’t want to say anything hurtful to him, he will just return even worse words. He always knows what to say back to someone, to make them hurt or speechless.

History: Born into a family (Muggle born) His father got drunk a lot, he was a musician. His father killed his mother and Sage ran away, scared, since he was so young. Then grew up at the orphanage. He would always get in trouble. He would often run away from the orphanage to get out and prey to God. He would barely get fed anything, having to steal things from the city. He could pick locks, run fast, pick pocket, and so many more useful things for a theft!

Appearance: middle height, shaggy brown hair that covers half of his eyes. Blue eyes. His school uniform.

Hobbies: Stealing things for his own good.

Family: None that he knows of, pretty sure that his dad is dead.

Crush / bf /gf: Sage is my Gay Smol bean

Boggart: Seeing someone he cares about get hurt.

Patronus: Rat

Pet: None

Wand: You chose

Strength: Knowing what to say, Being able to lie easily, quick at thinking.

Weakness: Not being the best at fighting.

I adopted Sage.

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Name: Gerik (Erik) Lynn
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Image result for males

Wand: Elm with Dragon Heartstring. 13 inches.
House: Hufflepuff. He's a Prefect.

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Name: Cheshirene

Last name: Lawn

House: Hufflepuff

Appearance: (in an editing process))

Age: 11

Wand: Oak wand with dragon snot

Hobbies: Reading, Talking

Skill: Good at making jokes

Years at Hogwarts: 0 years

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