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message 1: by Kat (new)

Kat ^^^

message 2: by Kat (new)

Kat name: Stella

age: 13

godly parent: Astraeus- Titan of dusk, stars, and
planets, and the art of astrology.

years at camp: 5 years

preferred weapon: her knowledge about the world and
history. also, uses a celestial bronze sword. it has stars decorated on the hilt. it was given to her from her father when she arrived at camp half blood, her dad Astraeus had given it to Chiron to give it to Stella.

appearance: she has very dark hair with a couple indigo streaks. her hair is very long and a little curly. she has dark tanned skin. her eyes are a very dark blue. she’s tallish. strong girl. (really good at arm wrestling.)

personality: doesn’t talk that much, but listens. she loves learning. she reads books on different cultures, history, and especially the stars and planets. she knows all the constellations her mother taught her. she kind but not super friendly, when she sees someone she’s more likely to just nod or smile than say anything like hello.

history: she grew up with her mother Lia. her mother was beautiful and taught taught Stella so much, especially about the stars and the planets but mostly the stars. stella’s mother loved the stars so much she named her daughter after them. (conSTELLAtion, stella means star in latin) her and her mother lived together in southern New Mexico where the stars were clear. they lived in a desert 🌵, but not too far out. they often camped out.
one day they were laying outside at night, stargazing as usual and stella’s mom was braiding her hair, but then a monster attacked them. Stella grabbed her moms hand and tried to run away but the monster killed her mom, her best and only friend. (she was homeschooled.) stella hid in a cave all night and the next day, she found her mother. the poor 8 year old wept and wept and after sometime, a satyr came to her, and took her to camp half blood.

family: her mother was Lia. her uncle Rico came to visit now and then and stella loved his visits, he was so fun. he was obsessed with tacos and boxing. he enjoyed teaching Stella different punches and moves.
but that’s the only family she knew of. she also had a dog named Guapo.

hobbies: learning, reading, painting (she often paints pictures of the night sky) she loves photography. and also soccer, big soccer gal.

birthday: June 20th, usually the summer solstice.

She wants to travel the world, but feels Camp half blood is keeping her from doing so. she always is begging to go on quests but hasn’t yet.

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat name: Vada Jane Smith
age: 15
greek godly parent: Melpomene muse of tragedy
years at camp: just arriving
preferred weapon: hasn’t chosen yet
what they look like, use details: medium length brown wavy hair. green eyes, pretty girl, not very tall but not short. athletically built
personality: loves adventures and exploring and excitement
history: grew up in Queens New York City with her dad Robby, a handsome actor. on the weekend she stayed with her auntie vay. it was her clear sighted aunt who told her she was a demigod and took her to long island sound. she went to a public school and was a loner. she didn’t like anyone there. it wasn’t that she didn’t like people, she just didn’t like those people, and she was fine with it
mortal family: auntie vay. her dad robby.
hobbies: walking around central park, prefers country side, seizes every opportunity to leave the city.
birthday: june 5th

message 4: by Kat (new)

Kat name: Cameron Prior

age: 17

greek godly parent: Hephaestus

years at camp: 7

preferred weapon: a celestial bronze sword he made
for himself. it has a hammer design on the hilt and fire symbol for hephaestus

what they look like, use details: Cameron has really curly black hair that’s medium length. his eyes are a light chocolate brown.

personality: he’s been at camp half blood 7 years and can not wait to get out of there, he has to wait till he’s 18 tho because he has no parents and Chiron is his legal guardian. anyway, cameron is dying for freedom. he’s hilarious and welcoming and fantastic in the forge.

history: his mom and him worked as mechanics when one day his mother who he was very close to disappeared. chiron then found him somehow and escorted him to camp half blood

mortal family: his mother’s name was Esmeralda

hobbies: spending time in the forge and bunker 9. also running and anything athletic really

birthday: november 18

he’s mexican with darker skin. he randomly speaks spanish sometimes

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