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L.P. Dillon (lpdillon) | 1 comments 90k words ish
Fantasy Romance
18+ as it does have some steamy sex scenes.
Contains a love triangle and a cliffhanger ending as this is the first book in a series.

I'm looking for around 10 beta readers, people who haven't read my previous series. I am looking for feedback in flow, storyline, and just genereal feel for the book. The book contains a new twist on werewolves and the shifter community as a whole. The blurb is below so that you have an idea of what the books about.

College Freshman, Aubrey Miller, carries confidence, fire, and drive better than your average 18-year-old. After previous missteps, she now has life planned. She will be an exceptional student who also is ready to have a good time. Love would only get in the way of parties, dancing, and casual acquaintances who leave you smiling in the morning. She was ready for that next step. She wanted to get physical with a guy. It never felt like the right time with her seemingly perfect, athletic, popular high school boyfriend. Cheerleader and the captain of the home team made perfect sense. However, he was a perfect playboy jerk!

A messy breakup with Kyle broke more than her heart, but also her belief in love. Hell-bent on following her primal instincts to be free, she begins attracting all the attention she thought she wanted. Keeping it light and fun was the goal! She felt the eye of the university's resident gorgeous bad boy, Chase Walker, and ignored it. Suddenly all adoring male companions disappeared or ignored her entirely.

At first, Aubrey didn't understand why no guy wanted her, except one. The sexy dangerous one that infuriated her, snuck into her thoughts, and therefore she deemed forbidden. What did she do wrong? Despite Chase showering her with his desire and attention, Aubrey wasn't interested in him. Bad boys, grow into bad men, right?
Don't repeat the past!
Her situation didn't make sense until a surprising source informed Aubrey that Chase had claimed her before all others. Whether she liked it or not, she was off-limits.

CLAIMED? Who even does that?


How can love turn to rejection? Indifference into jealousy? Nightmares into fantasy?

What to expect:
Paranormal Shifter Romance
A Love Triangle
Fated Mates
Mystery, Death, & Sexy Moments that will make your heart flutter!

Beta copies will be going out on the 16th & 17th of this month, and will probably sent out by my PA. Would need feedback within 1-2 weeks at the most, so that I can send it off to the editor before sending out to ARC readers.

Thank you in advance for your help, hope to hear from you soon xxx

message 2: by Alexa (new)

Alexa K. (alexa_k) | 3 comments It is considered that you should have only 2 to 4 beta readers, seeing that too many people will give too various of opinions and you can't please them all. It's better for your book if you find only 2-3 beta readers, then make another draft, then find an editor, and then a proofreader if you need one (you can skip the proofreader if you're not going for traditional publishing)

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Cassi | 6 comments I am interested in being a beta-reader. You can pm me and I’ll give you my email address.

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