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Kat ^^^

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Kat Hestias Hearth is located in the center of all the cabins

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Kat That evening, after she’d explored camp and everything, Vada sat next to the hearth and noticed a young girl sitting across from her. vada hadn’t seen her sit down. Vada waved at her and the young girl waved back with a warm smile.
after a while Vada got up and crossed the greens that lay in the middle of the cabins and went into the hermès cabin.

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Kat vada and cameron met at the hearth at the center of all the cabins about 5 minutes later. vada has her swimsuit on under her clothes and cameron had his trunks on and a white t-shirt.
cameron brushed his curly black hair out of his face and smiled, “are you ready senorita?” vada said she was and they walked side by side into the woods.

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