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Disney_World My Characters:

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Disney_World Name: Kassidy Mills

Nickname: Kass or Kassy. (Does not care what)

Gender: Female

Age: 11 years old

Year: First Year

Hogwarts House: Does not know yet (Ravenclaw like her sister and Dad)

Godly Parent: Athena (Smart family :P)

Personality: Talkative (Usually about magic and spells), loves to laugh, sometimes shy when around new people (Sometimes), can be bossy (Like me :P), caring (whenever someone is getting bullied / made fun of she will stand up even though she is shy), usually hungry and LOVES to eat. Can’t wait to play quidditch! (Even though she is not very good and is not going to make the team. SHE WILL NOT MAKE THE TEAM! SHE IS HORRIBLE! She can dream though :P)

History: Grew up in a normal Wizarding World family. Her Dad works at the Ministry and her Mom disappeared (She is Athena) When her sister went to Hogwarts. She became very lonely. She started to read more and more and talk less and less. The only times when she was active when her sister was home. Kassidy would tell Madeline about the spells that she had learned (That was A LOT of spells from all the time she had spent reading) After a few years of her learning about spells but not using many of them, she finally could attend Hogwarts!

Appearance: Long light brown hair with lighter brown / blond highlights past her waist. Usually down or in a braid (Or two braids). Hazel eyes. Wears her uniform (Sometimes she looks like a mess when he rushes in the morning) Usually carrying a book (or her bag with books in it)

Hobbies: Reading in the Library (Or other places), practicing her spells, and talking to her friends (When she gets some). (Favorite class will be Defense Against the Dark Arts. Once she gets sorted and all that stuff :P)

Family: Her Dad and her older sister, Madeline.

Crush / bf / gf: None, not really into boys that much. Doesn’t mind being their friend though, just nothing more unless they are the right person for her.

Boggart: Being alone without any friends or family to be there for her.

Patronus: A rabbit (for her being so excited and hyper and stuff like that)

Pet: A brown owl named Hermes (After the God) that she and her older sister both share.

Wand: A gnarled elm wand. It is just shy of ten and two-quarter inches long. It has a core of dragon heartstring. (I got this online, but changed it a bit. Don’t judge!)

Strength: Spells (Almost all spells)

Weakness: Losing someone or being called stupid / not knowing something.

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Disney_World Name: Madeline Mills

Nickname: Maddie or M (by Kassidy)

Age: 14 years old

Year: Fourth Year

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (Like her Dad and soon her sister)

Godly Parent: Athena (Smart family :P)

Personality: Shy and not as outgoing when you meet her. As you get to know her she is more outgoing and SUPER fun to hangout with (:P) She is a good student so spends most of her time in the Library when not hanging out with her friends. Will never say no to hanging out (Unless there is a big test coming up or she is upset) Super kind and caring to her friends and family.

History: She grew up her first few years as an only child, she always wanted a sister though. Then finally her wish came true. Her Mom (Athena) sent Kassidy and Madeline was SUPER excited. She treated Kassidy with lots of love and care. When she went to Hogwarts, she missed her sister dearly and wrote to her often. Whenever she came home, Kassidy was always telling her everything that she had read about (and that was A LOT!) Madeline was always super proud of her smart sister. She could not wait until Kassidy attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw. (very soon!)

Appearance: Short light brown hair (a bit past her shoulders). Hazel eyes (Like Kassidy) Almost always wears her uniform that always looks perfectly ironed and everything (She always wants to look nice in public)

Hobbies: Making potions of all sorts. (Wants to be the potions teacher one day) (Her favorite class is potions! Of course it is!)

Family: Her Dad and her sister Kassidy.

Crush / bf /gf: None, will find the boy for her one day!

Boggart: All her friends laughing at her for being dumb and ugly.

Patronus: Owl (SHE GOT THE BRAINZ!)

Pet: An owl named Hermes (After the God) She shares him with her younger sister.

Wand: A gnarled elm wand. (From the same place as Kassidy’s) It is 9 1/3 inches long. Phoenix feather core.

Strength: Remembering things like spells and potions.

Weakness: Not being able to stand up for herself.

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Disney_World Name: Lillian Shaturn

Nickname: Lily / Lil

Age: 11 years old

Year: First year

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (For smarts. Also a bit of a Hufflepuff, for her kindness. I went with Ravenclaw though.)

Godly Parent: None, from an all Pure Blood Wizard family.

Personality: Active, usually moving around. (Some people call her a wolf behind her back because of her moving around so much. She is never in the same spot twice some people also say.) Likes to be busy. Loves to read though. Always super excited.

History: She was born in a rich (Like SUPER rich) pure blood family that supported Voldemort. They were not very kind people. They treated her badly and wanted her to treat others badly too. They also wanted her to support Voldemort. She always had wanted to read and learn about everything more then be mean to others. As she got older, she started to realize that Voldemort was evil and so were her parents. She was smart, funny, and SUPER nice. (Unlike her family) Plus she cared about education more. So, she told them that she did not want to be like them.
Her family then left her out in the wilderness to die when she was around 7. She did not let that stop her and made a small tree house. It had a small bed made out of leaves, a small book shelf filled with books (Stolen from her family), and a few sets of clothes that she had bought with the money she stole from her family. She would go to their house, sneak in the door when only the servants were home(The servants knew her and felt sorry for her so they let her in and sometimes left out a loaf of bread or something that she would come by and take.)
She always cared for the animals around her, she would watch them in her free time. Always wished that she could turn into one just for a day. After a while of stealing money and other things, she decided to try saving up for Hogwarts. She knew that it was a good school that would teach her magic, she just needed to save up enough for the supplies. So a few weeks before a new year of Hogwarts started, she had saved up for what she thought was enough. Lillian is super excited to finally practice everything that she was reading about.

Appearance: Short blond hair that goes just a bit past her shoulders. She could not keep it long because it was hard to keep clean. (She would cut it with some scissors that she stole from her parents.) She has bright blue eyes. She has a few freckles on her nose and cheeks. She also usually has scratches on her body from when she was in the woods and fell / scraped against the plants. She also has a few scars that show more serious injuries. Usually wears plain, nothing fancy clothing. Also usually wears sneakers. (They are good for running in))

Hobbies: Reading books about spells, Wizard History, and magical creatures / plants. She did not have many of them because her family did not care about knowledge of that stuff so they did not have many books about it. She also loves running in the woods for fun.

Family: Her pure blood parents. Does not know their names and does not care what their names were.

Crush / bf /gf: None, will find the boy for her one day! (But wants one who understands her for being her!)

Boggart: Having all creatures and other species die out.

Patronus: Wolf

Pet: None, loves the owls that fly above her though. (Really wants one)

Wand: Not known yet. (Still has to go to Olivander’s)

Strength: Running, knowing things about animals, and some spells.

Weakness: staying still for a long period of time and hurting an animal.

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Disney_World Name: Rebecca Moon

Nickname: Re, but only Lillian would ever be allowed to call her that.

Age: 11

Year: 1st year

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Godly Parent: NONE

Personality: A bit shy, especially around people that act like Lillian. Can be outgoing, but never is anymore after Lillian died. Stays away from most people, not wanting to have anyone that she love die, or disappear from her life again. She is usually found in the Library, or crying away from everyone else.

History: Born in a pure-blood family. Her parents were very rich and gave her everything she wanted. (As long as it made the family look good to others.) She was forced to look and act nice at all times. She liked having everything, but once she saw poorer people, she began to feel bad. Before, she always took her parents’ money for granted. Now, she only asked for things she needed, or wanted SUPER badly. Her favorite part of her parents’ giant mansion is the Library, which is huge and almost has all of the books in the wizarding world. She is always in there. After her friend Lillian died anyway.
They were best friends, they would play together every day. Then one day when Rebecca was 7, she went to go play with Lillian. Lillian’s parents said that Lillian was dead and wouldn’t be back. Ever since, Rebecca has never been able to find a true friend, each one always reminding her of Lillian. Now, she spends most time reading away from everyone else, and thinking of Lillian.

Appearance: Black curly-ish hair usually down or in a messy bun. She has brown eyes. She usually looks nice and wears makeup, whenever her parents are around. But, when at school she is a mess, and has no makeup on. She wears her normal robes and uniform. She would rather be comfortable with her robes then the itchy and uncomfortable outfits her parents want her to wear. She also has a small chain necklace that her best friend gave to her. That friend died according to her parents.

Hobbies: Reading, she reads almost 24 / 7, or at least 20 hours of the day. At least not when her parents have guests over.

Family: Her Mom and Dad.

Crush / bf /gf: None, but her parents want her to marry soon.

Boggart: Losing another person she loves.

Patronus: Fox

Pet: A White slowly owl, one of the finest ones alive. Well, according to her parents, who want her to be the best.

Wand: English oak, unicorn hair core, 10 1/4 inch wand.

Strength: Able to remember things clearly

Weakness: Not getting over things from the past.

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Disney_World Name: Rowan Weasley

Age: 10 years old, born on August 11, 1981. (Two minutes after Ginny.)

Year: None yet, will be attending Hogwarts next year.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor (Once she attends Hogwarts)

Personality: Might seem shy at first, but she is just trying to see your personality first, before she approaches to you. She mostly keeps to herself, not trusting many people. Most people think she is mysterious and creepy looking, with all of her scars. (She acts a bit mysterious sometimes as well.) Once you get to know she can be fun, kind, and outgoing. (aka, fun to be with.)

She was born into the Weasley family. Travers, a Death Eater (From the movie.) wanted her as a servant, since he had a grudge against the Weasley family. And wanted to make Rowan pay for her families doing. So, he took Rowan. After he had taken her, the Weasley’s found her missing. Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley were upset, and never told anyone else about Rowan disappearing. They said that she had died, and gotten lost. Only Ginny has never heard of Rowan. The others were not allowed to tell her.
Rowan grew up a hard life, with almost nothing. She had a closest for a room. She wore rags as clothes, she had scraps of food to live off of. She was forced to kill people and animals against her will. She cleaned and did Traver’s biddings all day and everyday. She would clean, kill, serve, and so many more evil things. She almost got no rest from her job. If she didn’t do it right, then he would play with her mind, hit her, cut her, give her no food for a few days, threaten to kill her, and so much more.
She always wanted to stand up for herself, but never did, not wanting to get hurt or killed. She also wanted to kill herself multiple times. Not ever doing it, living for her family, wanting to find them. Travers always said that her family hated her, and wanted to kill her slowly, giving her to him. Rowan knew that it was a lie, her parents would never do that!
One day, Travers was out of the house, doing some Death Eater duties. Dumbledore appears at the house, inspecting it. He sees Rowan beaten up and can tell that she is being treated horribly, and that she was a Witch. He rescues her and brings her to the Jasin family. (Made up) They treated her like a daughter. They gave her a real room, with her own things, fed her well, and treated her nicely, not making her do things against her will. They figured that she was around 10, not really knowing. Rowan had never kept track of how long she had lived with Travers.
Soon she will go to Hogwarts, meet her family, figure out who she really is, and live the life she was supposed to.

Pretty much just like Ginny, except she has some scars on her back, wrists, and other places.

Hobbies: Reading about important Wizards and Witches. She also likes to read about spells, wanting to be prepared if Travers ever finds her.

Dad: Arthur Weasley
Mom: Molly Weasley
Brothers: William / Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and Ronald Weasley.
Twin Sister: Ginerva / Ginny Weasley.

Crush / bf /gf: None

Boggart: Travers treating her horribly.

Patronus: Lion

Pet: None

Wand: Hornbeam, Phoenix feather, 10 inch. It looks like a branch, with many different shapes. It has a spot at the bottom that is plain, that is smooth for the owner to put their hand.

Strength: Putting her mind to something, not ever giving up on something.

Weakness: Seeing people or animals die, she can’t stand it, especially when it’s her being forced to do it.

Fact: Ginerva (Ginny) Weasley’s twin. Ginny is 2 minutes older. Rowan is a Legilimency. She isn’t the best at it, but if she thinks about it really hard, she can read your mind. Travers, had a spell of some sort that did not allow her to read his mind.

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Disney_World Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley

Nickname: Ron

Age: 11 (I think)

Year: 1st year

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Godly Parent: NONE

Personality: Don’t know how to explain him. You guys should know.

History: Comes from a normal wizard family. His whole family has been in Gryffindor. Goes on lots of adventures with Harry to save the Wizarding world. Need I say more?


Hobbies: Wizards Chest, hanging out with Hermione and Harry, and going on adventures!

Dad: Arthur Weasley
Mom: Molly Weasley
Brothers: William / Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, and George Weasley.
Sister: Ginerva / Ginny Weasley (Poor Ginny!)

Friends: Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

Crush / bf /gf: Likes Hermione Granger, will eventually marry her. Went through a faze with Lavender.

Boggart: Aragog

Patronus: Jack Russell Terrier

Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew)
Pigwidgeon (Pig)

Wand 1: 12", Ash, unicorn tail hair,
Wand 2:14", Willow, unicorn tail hair,
Wand 3: 9¼", Chestnut, Dragon heartstring

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