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Ruby Parker Hits the Small Time
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle Grade fiction book- girl names Ruby-becomes a movie star and singer. [s]

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Book_freak | 31 comments Middle Grade to YA book series
Girl names Ruby (surname possibly ‘Walker’)
Possibly has a curvy physique (doesn’t like that about herself)
Parents are divorced; differing opinions on her fame

Acts in a TV show and a movie
Attends a performing arts school.
Director named Art Dubrovnik (?) does auditions there.

Has a boyfriend/ crush named Michael Henderson
Also likes the new actor in her TV show / movie

One of the last books named Superstar or something like that
Books were different colors. The Superstar cover maybe had a silver star?

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Book_freak | 31 comments Rosa wrote: "The Ruby Parker series, by Rowan Coleman.
Ruby Parker Hits the Small Time"

Yep this is it! Thank you! :D

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