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September 2019: Cultural > Monet's House - an Impressionist Interior by Heide Michels, 4 Lovely Stars

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message 1: by Holly R W (new)

Holly R W | 1251 comments I have admired Claude Monet's art work for years. His paintings are so full of sunlight, color and grace. I have a print of his in my kitchen. This book showcases Monet's famous house and gardens in Giverny, including his signature water lilies.

Here is a man who is unafraid of decorating with vibrant colors. The book allows one to experience the beautiful rooms Monet lived in and designed. The photographs are accompanied by explanations of his family and work life. Monet also had a hearty appetite for food and fine dining. Photographs of the kitchen, dining areas and elegant china abound.

Some items of special interest to me are: his Japanese art collection, a French country breakfront and a tray that is similar to a gift I received from my grandmother. I also enjoyed his use of putting yellow and blue together, colors I personally respond to.

Recommended for readers who enjoy Monet's art work.

PBT note: The book fits this month's tag for Cultural.

message 2: by Jgrace (new)

Jgrace | 2811 comments Ooo. That sounds wonderful. I'll have to look for this one. Thanks!

message 3: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7453 comments I have always loved Monet's work-Sunflowers being my favorite. I had the privilege of seeing it many years ago.

message 4: by NancyJ (new)

NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5219 comments That sounds lovely. I love looking through art related books, and I often get impressionist art calendars for xmas. We sponge painted a bathroom in an impressionist style, with yellow, cornflower blue, and green. It worked so well, I think it's the only room we won't repaint/paper before we put the house on the market.

message 5: by Holly R W (new)

Holly R W | 1251 comments I appreciate all of your comments. It's nice that you each enjoy the Impressionists as much as I do.
@Jgrace- I think you'll enjoy the book.
@Joanne- I looked up the picture of Sunflowers. It's lovely. Seeing art in person is always so much better.
@Nancy- I remember sponge painting. Your bathroom sounds pretty.

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