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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Alan Brook | 155 comments Historical Dictionary of Lithuania (ISBN 9780810849143) (ISBN 0810833352) (ISBN 9780585255910)

1. The above pages should be linked with its 2nd Edition Kindle edition's page at (ASIN B004YW59E2)
and with its other ebook page at (ISBN 9780810875364)

2. Add designation "First Edition" to these pages: (ISBN 0810833352) (ISBN 9780585255910)

3. Add designation "Second Edition" to these pages: (ASIN B004YW59E2) (ISBN 9780810875364) (ISBN 9780810849143)

4. Also recommend adding setting = Lithuania
so it will display in the list at

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 22746 comments Done.

Except for 2. ebook published in 2014; you've already designated the ebook published in 2011 as 2nd edition, so the 1st edition can't be 2014.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Alan Brook | 155 comments The "2014" publication date for the ebook of ISBN 9780585255910 is probably incorrect. suggests that it is the ebook equivalent of the 1st edition that had first been published in print in 1997.
That is why the OCLC entry for the search query "9780585255910" likewise comes up with "Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 1997."

The OCLC entries furthermore state that the 2nd edition's ebook carries "xxxiii, 391 pages", whereas ISBN 9780585255910 carries "xxxiv, 382 pages".

You can see at that the only official ebook ISBN for the 2nd edition is 9780810875364.

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