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kimberly grider | 3 comments I am in a group on facebook and they are discussing a new book where the leading lady is a feminist/women's rights fighter....I know there were a few Zebra books where the leading ladies were as well I think in the 90's ...they never caught my eye or interested me personally so I do not remember the titles....can anyone help me throw out a few examples to show them this is not a new topic in romance and has been brought up before ? Any help would be great !!!

message 2: by JennyG (new)

JennyG | 41 comments Mod
Maybe Colorado Flame by Colleen Quinn - originally published in 1989

As a reporter for the Philadelphia Public Ledger, Jessica Hayes had been capable, confident, and in complete command of her craft and her life. That was before her editor was killed for the newspaper's investigation of the Pennsylvania Railroad scandal. Now Jessica was on the run--escorted home to Colorado for her own safety by hired gun Holden Keane. And though she despised Holden for being a killer and a mercenary, when the bullets started flying she found she was willing enough to take refuge in his strong embrace--and weak enough to melt under the heat of his kiss, and surrender to his intoxicating desires...

Holden cursed the Pinkerton agency for assigning him to play nursemaid to a headstrong old-maid suffragette who didn't know what was good for her. At least she could have been plain and frumpy, instead of pretty enough to tempt a saint--which Holden certainly was not. Living with her day in and day out--and that included sleeping by her side, gun at the ready--was pure torture. A man could only take so much before he gazed into those Colorado blue eyes and found himself kissing those tempting lips. And then there was no turning back from the ecstasy of passion's Colorado Flame

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JennyG | 41 comments Mod
Wild Colorado Passion by Judith Steel Wild Colorado Passion by Judith Steel

Lorelei Abbott was determined to operate and manage the Colorado mercantile she had inherited from her uncle. Accustomed to getting her way, the New York beauty refused to be daunted by the lawless roughness of the town of Durango or continuous presence of that annoying cow Holt Dolan. He was clearly the sort of man preferred his women demure and dainty--so did she find herself unable to forget him? His piercing gray eyes and well-muscled body even haunted her dreams, leaving her trembling with desire and yearning for his embrace!

Holt Dolan couldn't believe his eyes when Lorelei Abbott came to town. That prickly city woman wouldn't survive a week in Durango without someone looking out for her. And there plenty worth looking out for, too. That honey gold hair was surely soft as silk, and he'd bet his ranch that her oh-so proper clothes covered creamy curves that could drive a man distraction. Then and there, Holt vowed to kiss the haughtiness right out of his luscious Lorelei, and awaken her to all the delights of WILD COLORADO PASSION

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kimberly grider | 3 comments Thank you ...that is a start for sure, I knew there were some out there !

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JennyG | 41 comments Mod
You are welcome. I think this one might fit as well.

Desire's Glory by Patricia Pellicane

Glory, Nevada was a dry, dusty dungheap of a town in the middle of nowhere. Why had Nora's father dragged her here in the first place? Well, old Doc Bowen was too ill now to answer his daughter's questions, and if the townspeople of Glory wanted a town doctor, Nora would do the job. But rancher Jake Brackston had her fuming. An uncommonly attractive man-all lean muscle and masculine grace--Jake made it perfectly clear to Nora he needed women for only one thing. Soon his fiery kisses unleashed a passion she could not deny... one to which she wantonly and joyfully surrendered!

Jake Brackston didn't see how this uppity woman was going to do the necessary doctoring for anyone, no less an entire town. A beautiful filly like her was best healing a man in bed. The thought of kissing Nora's pretty red lips and feeling her curvaceous body beneath his got Jake all fired up, so even if she insisted on playing "doctor," he would find a way to get close enough to caress that soft silky skin of hers and send her to the peak of ecstasy again and again!

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JennyG | 41 comments Mod
I saw Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - first published in 1977 on the list of feminist romances.

But, it is not a Zebra romance.

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JennyG | 41 comments Mod
NOT a Zebra romance but, Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer is from 1932.

Dominic Alistair, Marquis of Vidal and fiery son of the notorious Duke of Avon, has established a rakish reputation that rivals his father's, living a life of excess and indulgence. He is a bad lot a rake and seducer, reckless, heedless, and possessed of a murderous temper. He is known by friend and foe alike as the "Devil's Cub." Yet as the handsome and wealthy heir to a Dukedom, he is considered a good prospect on the marriage market. Vidal currently has his eye on the young, lovely, and unintelligent Sophia Challoner, and Sophia's greedy mother is more than happy to encourage his dubious attentions. Banished to the Continent after wounding his opponent in a duel, Vidal decides to abduct the silly aristocrat bent on seducing him into marriage and make her his mistress instead. In his rush, however, he seems to have taken the wrong woman?

Intelligent, practical Mary Challoner knew wicked Vidal, wouldn't marry her sister, despite her mother's matchmaking schemes. So Mary coolly prepared to protect her naive sister by deceiving Vidal. Substituting herself for her young sister, she certainly hadn't expected the nobleman to kidnap and take her to France. She had little notion he would grimly hold her to her part of the bargain. Now he had left her, and she was alone, a stranger in a strange land, prey to the intrigues of glittering, heartless, 18th century Paris. Only one person could rescue her--the Marquis himself. But how could she ever trust this man? How could she even hope to overcome the contempt in which he held her? And how could even the sudden flowering of her love ever bridge the terrible gap between them?

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