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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Missing teen girl with illegal Mexican friend. [s]

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Paige (lovelynefeli) | 4 comments In 2012 , in Brownsville Tx public library i read this book and the plot was about a teen girl who lived with her dad and younger brother. She becomes friends with this other teen boy who's hispanic and him and his family are illegal immigrants and one night somebody calls their authorities on them and her friend and his family flee. Before this takes place she discovers her and her brother are missing people and authorities and their mom are looking for them. Her dad has basically kidnapped them since they were little and they have no memory of it. When she finds out she doesn't take much action, but ince her friend flees she feels sad and she's worried about him, to which it makes her realize thats how her mom must feel about her and her brother. So she calls her mom who calls the police and they come for her
Shes reunited with her mom, but her brother and dad flee again. That's all I remember.... and she had a weird name like Sherika, Shurika, i am not exactly sure.

Paige (lovelynefeli) | 4 comments Omg!!!!! Yessssss!!!!! Gurl or Guy you rock!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

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Rainbowheart | 15703 comments Haha, you're welcome. Glad to help out!

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