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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. SF. the story is about female leaving her home planet and becoming a spaceship pilot which is considered a very rare and elite job onboard a somewhat rich and vibrant ship in contrast to the bleak industry standard

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Nnjnn | 7 comments I'd be surprised if the book was written before 2010 and I expect it to be from before current millennium.
The plot points
- female lead burned somebody with fireball while on leave
- she comes from a planet with prevalent mysticism
-the pilots were categorised into classes (3rd, 2nd, first I'm unsure of details maybe there were stars or smth)
- there was competition onboard where FL and other pilot competed with their superior reflexes (maybe ping-pong)
- FL saved the ship from some threat while in training (it was hostile ship or asteroid, and it happened after the jump, conflict resolved without bloodshed thanks to the swift reaction of FL)
- he ship was special it had very different culture and was way better equipped than industry-standard mainly in luxury department
-I'm unsure of that but crew may have owned shares of the ship
-(this my overlapped in my memory with something from steel rat series) before coming onto the new ship FL worked or was a passenger on a different one, it had a gloomy and exploitative atmosphere

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Nnjnn | 7 comments Friendly redditor confirmed it was Conflict of Honors, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

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