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UNSOLVED: One specific book > MC romance, fmc is raped by club

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Lindsay | 20 comments Posting for someone else... Here's what she recalls. Will edit if she remembers additional details. Read some time in the last 5 years or so.

Mc biker series.
Book 1: shes the presidents daughter and is raped by her father (the president) n then all the members on her 16th bday. Her father is an evil shit. She is forced to become a club whore until her mid 20s.

It's pretty hard hitting and finishes with her escaping but then coming back later to reap her revenge in book 2.

At the time book 1 upset me too much to carry on for her getting her own back. But now I'm ready to read it but cant freaking remember the name of the book/ series!

Anyone have a clue?
It's not the gypsy brothers

*** editing to add...
On her 16th birthday she showed up at the club expecting a sweet 16 party, instead this is when the rape took place.

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