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message 1: by Bryony, Circumnavigation Mod (new)

Bryony (bryony46) | 1058 comments Mod
Results are in!

A history or historical fiction
A mystery
An underrated book, a hidden gem or a lesser known book

Close call
A high fantasy or epic fantasy

A book title using one of the words attributed to Shakespeare for their first use
Any book by a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

The next round of suggestions will open on Sunday 15 September at around 6am GMT.

message 2: by Jackie, Solstitial Mod (new)

Jackie | 1245 comments Mod
No bottoms this week; is that a first?

message 3: by Jillian (new)

Jillian | 1630 comments Jackie, I was wondering about no bottoms prompts also.

I’m happy with all the winners. I know I voted for at least 2. I can’t remember if I had the hidden gem in my top votes or not. It was one I liked but I think I was out of votes.

message 4: by viemag (new)

viemag (smagelky) | 155 comments Wow! I don't think I voted for any of these...but they will be easy to read. We are up to 35. 17 more to go!

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel A. (abyssallibrarian) | 2633 comments I'm fine with these. I didn't vote for the underrated book, but I'm okay with that. I'll probably pick something that has a high average rating on Goodreads with few overall ratings, or something like that. I was also surprised to see no bottom choices.

message 6: by Emily, Conterminous Mod (new)

Emily Bourque (emilyardoin) | 6918 comments Mod
I'm happy with these winners! I voted for all of them, which is a first for me.

For the underrated book, I'm definitely going to pull for the ATY lesser known books list:

message 7: by Nadine (new)

Nadine Jones | 1344 comments I’m pleased with the winners!

For under-rated gem, I plan to choose a book from the list we started last year:

message 8: by Nadine (new)

Nadine Jones | 1344 comments LOL Emily ... great minds :-)

message 9: by Emily, Conterminous Mod (new)

Emily Bourque (emilyardoin) | 6918 comments Mod
Haha Nadine! Twins!

message 10: by Angie (new)

Angie | 757 comments I like the winners. I voted for two of them and considered voting for the third.

Bummed about epic fantasy, as that was my favorite this round. Maybe it will make it to the close call poll.

message 11: by Bryony, Circumnavigation Mod (new)

Bryony (bryony46) | 1058 comments Mod
Jackie wrote: "No bottoms this week; is that a first?"

I’m not sure if it’s a first but it’s definitely unusual. Bottom prompts normally have a high number of downvotes and few upvotes. This week we did have prompts with quite high downvotes but they all also had significant upvotes which meant they were more polarising than bottom. So that’s why there aren’t any bottom prompts this week.

message 12: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 2871 comments For an underrated book, I am going to go with a self-published book. I have several authors that I love who self-publish so this is a great opportunity to support one of them. :-)

message 13: by dalex (new)

dalex (912dalex) | 1672 comments These prompts are all super easy for me to do. I read a lot of historical fiction and lesser known books. And since the mystery one is not restricted to "mystery genre" but is instead "a book in which a mystery is central to the plot".....well, that's like 95% of books that I read.

I definitely prefer more challenging and interesting prompts is what it is.

message 14: by Perri (new)

Perri | 775 comments OOh I'm excited the underrated book finally made it! Bummed about the Shakespeare, I thought that was creative

message 15: by Deborah (new)

Deborah (dg_reads) | 327 comments Im happy with these! For underrated, I may look through the #hiddengemstack hashtag on instagram. I've seen some good recommendations for lesser known books there.

message 16: by Emily, Conterminous Mod (new)

Emily Bourque (emilyardoin) | 6918 comments Mod
I just made listopias for each of the winners.. you can go to the list thread to find them!

message 17: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 2871 comments Deborah wrote: "Im happy with these! For underrated, I may look through the #hiddengemstack hashtag on instagram. I've seen some good recommendations for lesser known books there."

I was not aware of that hashtag. I'm following it now!

message 18: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (anastasiaharris) | 1306 comments Yeah, for the under rated book. Like others I will be using the list we made last year. I have a few mystery and historical fiction so those will be easy to fill. After restricting my challenge this year to just Canadian authors I want a few give mes next year.

Raquel (Silver Valkyrie Reads) I'm really happy hidden gem made it in! I read quite a few self published authors, and have multiple books I've rated five stars that have almost no other ratings besides mine, so I have recommendations too!

Mystery and history/historical fiction are both easy enough for me to fill without being my go-to genres, so those are fine and even reasonably interesting.

Raquel (Silver Valkyrie Reads) I have 40 books on my owned TBR with less than 50 ratings, so I think I'll choose one of those for 'lesser known' unless I find a hidden gem recommendation that really stands out to me. (A handful of those 40 are very short --e-books with just a few poems, or that are 'reprints' of children's biographies--but even if I exclude those I'll have plenty of options.)

message 21: by Joanne (new)

Joanne | 384 comments I didn't vote for any of the winners this time but they all seem pretty easy for me to fill. The two polarizing prompts were both in my bottom so I suppose I'm happy with the results.

message 22: by Serendipity (new)

Serendipity | 436 comments Historical fiction and mystery are another couple of easy fills for me. Was sad to see the Lambda prompt not get in. Diversity prompts don’t seem to be getting much love so far this year.

message 23: by Jackie, Solstitial Mod (new)

Jackie | 1245 comments Mod
I think an interesting concept for a BIO version of the hidden gem prompt that I might pursue would be to keep reading books on your TBR with very few ratings until you get one that you consider a hidden gem. Like if I read one and it's only meh, I have to go back to Mount TBR and pick another one until I get one that I would recommend to other people.

message 24: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2369 comments I think this is the first time there were no bottom votes. Isn't that so weird? I thought it was kind of nice to see actually.

I struggle with the underrated/hidden gem/lesser known prompt. I read a lot of nonfiction, and a lot of that has lower number of ratings, so I guess it's lesser known. It is just a little nebulous for me, haha.

message 25: by Jen (new)

Jen (jentrewren) | 75 comments Think I give up on voting. Will wait and see what the final list has and decide from there. Didn't like the 2018 list at all so didn't take part and suspect 2020 will be the same. There are heaps of challenges out there so we can all pick what works for us each year.

message 26: by Emily, Conterminous Mod (new)

Emily Bourque (emilyardoin) | 6918 comments Mod
Katie, I feel kind of the same way about it being so nebulous, but I'm in the other direction. I read mostly popular fiction and I am soooo hesitant to pick up a book that I haven't seen other people reading.

I think I'm just going to not think about this prompt to hard and just use the lesser-known list... since they are obviously recommended by people in the group AND they are also obviously "lesser known" (or were when they were added to the list).

message 27: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (audiogirlbookingit) | 488 comments I think I am in the minority people who enjoy the hunt for books. I like prompts that are straightforward!! I don’t enjoy obscure prompts(polka-dotted- cover with an author with a middle name same as yours). LOL. And ones like hidden gem how do you know you are gonna love a book when you are in the planning stage!! I end up just letting other people do the planning and steal from their lists!

message 28: by Jackie, Solstitial Mod (new)

Jackie | 1245 comments Mod
For lesser known, you could always go with something by a popular author that hasn't gotten as much traction as their big hit, something from their backlog that people don't talk about much.

message 29: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (patchworkbunny) | 1693 comments I feel like the majority of my reading fits into lesser known, at least when compared to what people in my challenges are reading. I'll probably use that one to slot in a book from a small publisher.

I like the genre prompts that got in. They aren't my usual thing but broad enough for me to find something I'll like.

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