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message 1: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hello Lucien,
The Black King's quest is nearly over after seventeen years. Soon the Univerlsal War will end and King Kerrasar will reign supreme in a world where no human, wizard or any crature will be safe. The only hope people have lives on the Capital, Planet Earth, unaware of who they truly are.
But they will find out. Each one shall bear the fate and name of a Saviour, and the world's fate will hang on their shoulders. However, not all can be heroes that easily.
My 95K YA novel is a Fantasy and Sci-fi in its final draft. A story of war, vengeance and change. This is my debut novel and I would like to have it published traditionally, so now I want it checked before I send it off to agents. If you are interested please reach me at
Best of wishes,

message 2: by Lena (new)

Lena Hi Lucien,
I have a finished fantasy novel, 95K

Here's my blurb:
A grizzled veteran, a rogue teenage girl, and a young lady with a head full of romantic stories find themselves trapped in a desolate castle that absorbs the lives of its guests. One must escape to change the fate of a kingdom, one holds the key to getting out and one is the cause of the evil that traps them all.
To break the curse that has consumed the souls of ill-fated travellers for ages, they will have to overcome their own failures and flaws and work together – or watch themselves become sacrifices to the ravenous deity that rules the castle of lost time.

Let me know if you're interested.

message 3: by Ruby Teresa (new)

Ruby Teresa (hasthrownafewbooksacrossrooms) | 6 comments Hi Lucien!
I’m looking for betas for my YA Dark Fantasy that is 79k words long. Below is the sypnosis. You can message me or email me at if you’re interested!

Avalon lives in a country where Creatures are the predators, and humans are the prey. And she’s pretty sure she’s the only one who is both a predator and prey. When she joins up with a ragtag group of survivors, her life changes drastically as she learns that surviving with others is sometimes better than surviving alone.

Thanks so much!

message 4: by Mytchel (new)

Mytchel Chandler (authormytchelchandler) | 42 comments Hello! My name is Mytchel Chandler and I am seeking Beta readers for my 82K word, YA Fantasy novel, titled The Dark and Dangerous Days of Sin Shadow. I am looking for a comprehensive assessment focused on a generalized view of the story. I.e. Narrowing in on plot holes, character inconsistency, etc. Please review the synopsis below and see if it is something you’d be interested in. Looking forward to working with you!
Sin Shadow, a coming of age teen, has found his true calling in life, becoming a baker. But destiny has other plans as he discovers he has the ability to travel through shadows. When he asks his queen for capital in order to open up his bake shop, the Queen gives him an ultimatum; become the ambassador between the two sides of their world, The Land of the Light and the Land of the Dark, and stop the war from happening, or face the front lines.
He is sent to reconcile with King Nyx, the leader of The Land of the Dark, but struggles on his journey as he unearths the meaning behind his newfound abilities. Sin’s mission to harmonize the two lands turns into a desperate race against time when a foreign army from a land beyond the sea threatens to invade.
Not only must he stop the red army from conquering his homeland, garner the trust of two divided nations, parent his winged cat-son, Alonso, and wrestle with the knowledge that he may never own his own bakery, but Sin must find the answer to the question he’s been struggling with his whole life: Where does he belong?

message 5: by Gerard (new)

Gerard O'Neill | 74 comments Hello Lucian,

I have a 60K word YA science fiction book ready to read in a few days after final edits on the MS are done. This is book 2 in a series.

I'm looking for sharp eyes on pacing, continuity, on character believability, world building, and story. All suggestions welcome, I have thick skin. I would like inline comments.

Thank you in advance

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