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message 1: by Joey (new)

Joey Carney (simieditions) | 8 comments Title: Woman of the Old Roads
Author(s) name(s): Juan Rodriguez Perez
Publisher: Simian Editions
Publication date: Sept 8, 2019
Format: ebook
Page count: 56
Link to book page:

A short work of fiction consisting of individual stories about people who live in Tocache, where the cocaine cartels set up camp and the Peruvian government, under foreign pressure, set out to stop them. Each chapter is a story in it’s own right, yet they weave together and tell the story of an idyllic village in the jungle and the people that lived there, and how influence from the cartels slowly changed it. There are coca farmers, prostitutes, teachers, chemists, store owners, and police. Yet they are the friends and family of people who live there, and the stories are told from their points of view.

message 3: by Joey (new)

Joey Carney (simieditions) | 8 comments Awesome, thank you, it's a good book.

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