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Decided to create this to make shit easier.

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Okay so right out the gate, twelve pages in, I'm getting annoyed with how huffy Blue is. And judgemental. I think she's made about seven judgemental comments about people since the book started. This book feels very "2012" - littered with all the young adult tropes that were popular at the time. I can't understand why Blue seems to dislike her family's occult business. I'd be so interested.

Maiko-chan [|] Funny you should mention that (which I didn't even see or I forgot about I guess. I'm not loving Blue but not fully drawn to her just yet.), she's fascinated by Gansey's journal which is all that occult stuff, but only because she thinks it's Adam's who she only gave the time of day because his Aglionsby (did I spell that right???? is there an 's'?) jacket isn't pristine. So definitely judgmental but also hypocritical to not want to deal with her family's occult stuff unless it benefits her and then be into Gansey's journal because Adam blushed over her.

But I do see why she isn't all about her family's business since she can't be a part of it like they are since all she can do (or is aware she can do so far) is amplify other people's power or some such.

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But there is still something useful in being able to amplify someone else's power. She's not entirely useless in that field.

I don't understand why it was a thing to make the main character so bratty and unlikeable when it comes to their family and such. Like nobody's got time for a little bitch, fucking suck it up or do something else. I'm having an easier time with other perspectives than hers.

You spelled it right ahaha.

Please tell me there's no love triangle - square? - between all the boys and Blue. If that happens I'm dropping the book lmao.

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"I have work this afternoon," said Blue finally, when she realised the conversation had perished. (p.37)

I actually despise the writing style right now. "Perished" sounds so out of place and wrong. What was wrong with "when she realised the conversation was over" or "when she realised no one was going to speak"? Nobody ever says "the conversation had perished."

Maiko-chan [|] At this moment I do not know if there's a love triangle or not. I just know that 8 chapters in Adam has expressed that he maybe likes her, though they don't know each other, and Blue is aware that either a boy named Gansey is her true love or that she kills him and she doubts she'd kill anyone (so it'll likely end up being both). But love triangle could indeed happen.

Yeah that's a thing. Diction seems so odd and far-reaching sometimes in young adult. like they're trying so hard to seem more advanced than they are, or they're trying to add in bigger words randomly so the book gets listed at a higher reading level.
Plus there's a fuckton of He said/She said/said X-name, not a lot of creativity going on in that regard of how people are speaking and we have to constantly be told who said a line rather than intuiting that from the conversational flow itself.

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I swear to god if there is a love triangle I am going to be so pissed. No one is that attractive that they have multiple people fighting over them at once. And Blue certainly does not seem like anyone special.

It's happened several times since I started the book. Stiefvater seems to like using long words that just do not fit the sentences. It happened with her other series, too. Someone should remind her that you can use a short and simple word and no one will actually care.

Maiko-chan [|] And yet if you watch any reality television love-triangles happen all the time and it doesn't stop at triangles.
I'm not caught up in Bachelor in Paradise and there's already been 3 different love triangles and one actual fight broke out. Love triangles are actually very common, esp. in high school settings or among dramatic television series where everyone is not far above a high school drama mindset.

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That's exactly why I don't watch reality television ahaha. Too much melodrama.

Also, I actually fucking despise Blue. My opinion of her has lowered drastically. I'm almost to chapter 9, too. I'll stop there, wait for you to get far enough ahead, and keep going.

Maiko-chan [|] LOL aka you need a fucking break. Got it.
Maybe she'll eventually get better, but if that does happen I bet it'd take the whole series.
Is there anyone you do like so far?

Soooooo accurate and yet for some reason I actually love reality television? Like it's almost fascinating to me but mostly just vastly entertaining to me.

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Lmao no, I actually don't like anyone. This book is populated by rich white guys who like to put the chips on their shoulders and wear it like a badge, and a girl that thinks she's so much better than everyone else because she's "quirky" and an "outcast" but she's a judgemental piece of shit with the personality of a dead fish. If you're gonna go through life looking down on other people and being unnecessarily rude, you're not going to go very far, but in young adult this is the perfect recipe to get your ass eaten by someone who wouldn't look twice at you in real life.

But I knew I was getting into 2012 young adult when I picked this book up so I expected this. If I was 18 now like I was in 2012 I would have been all over this book. Perhaps the additional seven years of life experience has jaded me a little bit.

I suppose it's because nobody ever gets an outlet for all their crazy shit, but on reality television it's just chaotic enough for you to live vicariously through it. Where else are you gonna find a thirty-two year old single mother from Malibu ride dick like it's her minimum wage dead end job that pays just enough for rent before she turns around and screams at a twenty-eight year old vegan with a dog dressed like a child for eating the last bit of hummus? An argument that devolves into calling each other sluts, getting into catfights, and fighting over a man who's currently fucking the twenty-five year old nurse with an adult colouring book collection?

Maiko-chan [|] o.o

why no, I wouldn't call you jaded at all.

Are you regretting buying the second book yet then?

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Nah, it was only $4 and I can trade it back in once I've finished it and get new books. That's part of what I'm already doing now with books I don't want anymore. It's easier to get rid of them if I can immediately get new ones at no extra cost. If you have physical copies of books you don't want, I'd recommend doing that ahah.

Where do you get your books from, by the way? Amazon? I'm curious because I'm always on the lookout for new options.

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Though next year I'm gonna pay off my library fine and then borrow books I think I'll probably hate but still want to read just in case. There's a lot of authors I want to read but don't want to support lmao.

Maiko-chan [|] Oh good. Glad it's not a waste then.
Yeah that's the route we took when we moved. Kinda impossible to do that now when all the physical copies I had are now in the trash from flood water damage.

Honestly it's been such a long time since I've bought any books I really can't say. I guess Amazon and B&N. I haven't been in the market to buy new books for a long time though and I doubt that'll change soon. It's easier to keep my limited money, esp when I haven't gotten a job again yet, and stick to what ebooks I still have saved and online manga and fanfiction.
Like, everything on my buddy-read-potentials list is something I still have an ebook copy of because miraculously I managed to save the external harddrive with all the books on it.

The library route seems like a solid way to go though, esp for those authors you don't want to support financially but still want to check out the books of.

Maiko-chan [|] The second chapter with Whelk (ch10) is better than the first, but it still doesn't make him likable in the least.

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I'll wait until you get to the 200 page mark before I pick the book back up. That's around chapter 22. Gives me enough time to finish (hopefully) Words of Radiance. These books always take a week or more to read because wow they are very long.

Shit, I almost forgot about the flood water damage you guys went through. I'm sorry. Maybe go on the market for Amazon freebie reads? I do it all the time, since it satiates my need to buy heaps of books and it doesn't come at any cost to me.

Well, I have a lot of books on your buddy-read-potentials list so we definitely won't be running out of things to buddy read for a while.


I don't know why any of the characters aren't likable to me. At this point, I think I'm just reading the series to say that I have read the series. Nothing more, nothing less.

Maiko-chan [|] Ha. I wish I could forget.

What market?

That's definitely the impression I get from you in this. That and a lot of nitpicking.

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I meant have a look at the freebies on Amazon, there are heaps and that's where a lot of the books I've gotten in the past year have come from.

Yeah, can't deny that. It does have a fair amount of tropes I hate, so of course I'm gonna nitpick the book. It probably doesn't help that I'm reading two really good adult fantasy books alongside this one.

Maiko-chan [|] Ohhhhh yeah ok. I don't generally browse Amazon but I guess I should spend more time on that for free books at least.

No, that definitely doesn't help. I think I'm enjoying it so far because I went into it hoping I would and I'm trying to keep a positive view of it for as long as I can. Of course I also know any hangups I really end up having about the series can hopefully be fixed in fanfic, which I'm sure I'll get into after finishing these books.
But also young adult still really doesn't bother me much and I don't get the impression that is the same for you. But I do totally get wanting more out of YA and wanting a series to be YA and genuinely good and not full of silly or stupid tropes.

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There are a lot of good ones. I mainly just go for fantasy books because contemporary normally does nothing for me, and a lot of the covers are stunning. Like professional level.

That's good, then! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself because that's what matters. There are 3000+ fanfics in the Ronan/Adam tag on AO3 alone, and almost 6000 in the overall Raven Cycle tag, so you'll definitely find something to enjoy once you've completed the series. There is also a tv show apparently coming out sometime soon. Unsure when. Though I just found out that the director is Catherine Hardwick, who directed the first Twilight movie so.

For me, I feel like I'm leaning more toward adult fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian books than young adult these days. My reading tastes are in the middle of a change. This book would have been something I'd have loved a few years ago.

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But considering I am only, what, 86 pages in there is a lot of room for improvement, which I am open to despite my bitching about how much I dislike Blue so far lmao.

Maiko-chan [|] The sound I just made. Very unattractive snort. You're serious? A fucking TV series for this? jfc. If it's anything like the casting in Shadowhunters is for Mortal Instruments I will not watch it, but man will I be tempted otherwise. (cuz like, why not? I guess?)
(I have somehow not seen any of the Twilight movies but am aware they were not good. I look forward to the shitshow that is Raven Cycle TV)
and yes. 3k+ fanfics here I come. I will find them, save them, and read them years from now.

awwww I hope you do end up at least not hating it lol, I'd hate for this to be something you put time into only to come out the other side wishing you totally hadn't.

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How has reading been going? :)

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| Maiko-chan | wrote: "The sound I just made. Very unattractive snort. You're serious? A fucking TV series for this? jfc. If it's anything like the casting in Shadowhunters is for Mortal Instruments I will not watch it, ..."

(forgot to respond to this)

Also I wish I was kidding. There's no way that a show about this book series from what I read so far will be a good one. The entire plot hinges on whether Blue kisses Gansey when doing so will kill him, but there's somehow angst surrounding it? Like bruh a kiss isn't worth it if he fucking keels over because of it.

Oh how lucky you are. I did see it when I was about 14 and absolutely loved it, was obsessed, but then the time between its theatrical release and the DVD release, I rewatched it and saw it for the massive pile of crap it was. Separation from an uber popular franchise saved me as a teenager lmao.

There's a lot more fanfics than I expected there to be tbh. There are some popular book series that don't even have a fraction of that number. I'm curious as to what makes this series different from those ones.

Maiko-chan [|] Tenae wrote: "There's a lot more fanfics than I expected there to be tbh. There are some popular book series that don't even have a fraction of that number. I'm curious as to what makes this series different from those ones.

How has reading been going? :)"

I guess you'll find out? Hopefully anyway. I'm starting to get drawn into it I think. But that could totally be because I'm thinking about how much I'll come to enjoy the ship of Ronan/Adam (what is their ship name even? -----------------------yo. YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! The ship is real???????????

(view spoiler)
Still don't know what their ship name is but I am HERE FOR THIS!)

I know you said you'll read more when I get closer to 20 chapters in, but I'm going to put up my few updates here anyway in the meantime. I finally read a few more chapters today after taking some time away from it to finish TMI #5 (still not sure if I'll start book 6 or get through more of this first) and had to stop at chapter 16 because 15 was a lot and I feel like I'm gonna get worried for these characters and when more actually happens. We're still not there yet and knowing YA it might take a while still but at least 15 chapters in we finally get Gansey getting his scheduled reading.

That all said, much as I think I'm gonna have a lot of feelings about this series, I did lose some respect for Gansey at the opening of chapter 12. There was literally no reason for him to try and make excuses to himself that he shouldn't worry about Adam when the previous night (whichever chapter that was I don't remember) he acknowledges to himself and the reader that it is a huge risk for Adam to sneak out and Gansey, however well intentioned for Ronan's sake, made Adam sneak out. And then didn't call him back to tell him not to just in case Adam hadn't made it outside yet, also a wtf Gansey? I'm trying to forgive him because he's just a silly/stupid Young Adult book character but Gansey, dude, wtf. He knows the risks involved for Adam sneaking out and what those consequences are for him and Gansey still convinces himself not to go all the way to his house to check on his wellbeing despite knowing he had a few minutes to make that relatively short drive further down the road before school since he went to PICK HIM UP ANYWAY at their meetup spot near Adam's house. He had time. And he decided to convince himself he didn't need to check on Adam because he didn't want to be paranoid about thinking about death?
Don't panic. You were wrong about Ronan last night. You have to stop this. Death isn't as close as you think.
That is such horrible reasoning to not go check on a friend he knows has every reason to need help.

Really trying to forgive his YA dumbass self for that poor friend decision but man Gansey is not my favorite character.

(also why didn't Blue give Gansey back his journal when he came to the reading and she figured out it was actually his and not Adam's? I hope there's a plot point to her keeping it but if there is it might still feel false and like an attempt to cover for her to keep what she easily could have given back.)

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Hmm. Then I might focus more on Ronan and Adam than Gansey and Blue, since those two are the ones I actually don't like. But yaaas that development sounds so exciting.

Also wtf???? If he knows it's a risk for Adam, why make him do it? What stopped Gansey from doing it? Like dude don't put your friend in danger just because you're scared of the abstract concept of death.

And you don't need to worry about putting in spoiler tags. I don't mind things being spoiled for me; it makes me interested to keep reading. I spoiled stuff for the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson myself, and that just makes me want to read it more to see how it happens.

Maiko-chan [|] Tenae wrote: "Hmm. Then I might focus more on Ronan and Adam than Gansey and Blue, since those two are the ones I actually don't like. But yaaas that development sounds so exciting.

Also wtf???? If he knows it..."

I'm pretty sure Ronan/Adam is the only thing I'm going to be reading this for. The rest might get interesting enough too but that ship becoming canon has me so excited.

Right!? I get why he called Adam, and I get why Adam chose to take the risk, but I really wish Gansey had told Adam to stay put until he checked a place himself. He literally calls Adam as soon as he notices Ronan is missing but he doesn't have Adam stay home until Gansey knows more information. He easily could have called Adam, gotten some more ideas from him on where to check for Ronan, and checked even one of those places before having Adam try to sneak out. I don't begrudge him not thinking enough about Adam's safety right then since he was worried Ronan might be dead and Adam volunteered to go check a place for him, but Gansey then choosing to essentially abandon him on the off-chance that Adam might have made it to school on his own even though it wasn't a day Adam would've taken his bike - that is not ok. Not when he knows Adam's home situation. Not wanting to skip school is one thing but he had some time still to drive over and check for him.

Ugh I'm getting more angry at him for this. Now I'm wondering what it is about Gansey that has Ronan and Adam so attached. Past bonds I guess, and for Adam also the search and possibility of finding what they're looking for, but I want there to be more to it than that if Gansey is this bad about thinking of his friends' well-being and this bad at taking action to protect them or even help them when he knows the chance of them being in danger is infinitely higher than the alternative.

Should I never bother doing spoiler tags then? I think I still might unless you really don't want/need me to ever. But I'm glad you have that reaction to them. I tend to go back and forth on whether I'm ok with spoilers, though I never blame the people for spoiling things for me online if I find the spoiler myself, just the people who intentionally talk to me about a thing and know I'm not far enough to know what they're talking about. But even then only for things I might really care about, since I already put off getting to things for so long, I don't really need another reason to put things off.

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Nah, don't bother with spoiler tags. They're not necessary ahaha.

Yeah Ronan/Adam seems to be the best part about this book series. I thought they were the only main characters going into this book. I've never heard shit about Blue and Gansey because nobody ever talks about them ahahaha.

Nah, if you know one of your friends is in an abusive household, the last thing you would do is call them to sneak outside when you know they'd be beaten if they got caught. Gansey absolutely did the wrong thing there. Like calling him to tell him Ronan has gone missing and to keep an eye out? 100% reasonable. That's what a good friend would do. But you don't call them and tell them to sneak out when the risk is way too great. That's just being a shitty, selfish friend.

Also yeah tbh I don't know why Ronan and Adam are friends with Gansey. From the opening page when Gansey needs gas, he makes some remarks about his friends that actually made me pause. Nobody talks about their close friends the way he does. He is just as judgemental as Blue is, from what I've read.

Maiko-chan [|] It is indeed a baffling book so far. But so far this ship makes me happy; hoping things stay that way.
Omg you're right! He did do that! It hasn't been that long since I read that part, how did I forget? On that note, Gansey's sister makes rude comments about both Ronan and Adam and he barely tells her to stop.

I..can't actually remember hearing anything about Blue and Gansey either. Not that I remember hearing much about Ronan and Adam either. Either way right now they make this book bearable.

Maiko-chan [|] TENAE!!!! Tenae I'm SCREAMING! I've barely even started this book and I just ofund out THERE'S ANOTHER SERIES SET AFTER IT!

Call Down the Hawk (Dreamer, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

There is not enough fanfiction for me to deal with this.

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I fucking hate that cover. They better change that fucking cover or I'm gonna puke. Who the fuck approved that???

But either way, oooh that looks exciting!!

Maiko-chan [|] Apparently the book comes out Nov. 5 so I doubt the cover will change, at least for initial planned releases.

I already know this is what will get me to go to the library. If that can't do it nothing can.

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Yessss!!! But like don't forget that you can sign up online for a library card - at least you can here - and they also usually offer ebooks as well so you don't have to physically go into the library if you don't want.

But I just... After the beautiful covers of the original series, this is what they choose for the sequel series? #disappointed.

Maiko-chan [|] I'm pretty sure I have to go in person to get an account and card, though I can print an application apparently but no thanks.

Truuuueeeee. I don't hate it I guess, in a way it looks 'intense' but like low-key. It doesn't have nearly the effect of the original series covers which is likely what drew everyone to the series in the first place.

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Anything interesting happening in the book so far?

Maiko-chan [|] Tenae wrote: "Anything interesting happening in the book so far?"

So far as in past when Gansey, Adam, and Ronan show up at Blue's house for Gansey's scheduled reading in chapter 15? No idea, I haven't read past that. Though it did reveal there's more going on with Ronan's character than was previously presented.
wasn't sure if I should continue this for a while.
but also been getting sucked in to the Solo Leveling webcomic

Maiko-chan [|] I think I hate Blue. I'm in ch17 and she went to the backyard, interrupting Neeve doing a scrying thing and then when Neeve points out that it went unexpectedly because of Blue's sudden presence and her ability to amplify spiritual things Blue's inner thoughts are:
She was a little cross, too, that she was somehow being blamed for whatever had just happened.
BITCH! Neeve's pointing out the FACT that what happened was more than what would have happened if you hadn't gone outside then. You're not somehow being blamed for someone telling you a fact that occurred thanks to your actions and abilities regardless of your intent or control.

like wtf this little cunt knows she has the power to amplify other's powers and she's pretending she doesn't know that because she wants to feel all butthurt when someone tells her that's what she just did.

Also I'm leaning more towards 'fuck Gansey' after ch16 but I'm not entirely there yet. But I am glad to know Blue doesn't end up with Adam and it will be Gansey instead.

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Good to know that Blue's personality does not improve as time goes on. Her and Gansey deserve each other. I think today I'm gonna read up to chapter 17 and see what's what so we can talk about it a little more ahaha.

Also, why the fuck did she go out there if she knew she's an amplifier? Was she just looking to cause trouble??

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"After living in the UK for nearly a year, Gansey was good with accents, but Malory's was often difficult, due to a combination of slurring, chewing, extreme age, bad breeding, and poor phone connection." (87)

Excuse me, bad breeding? Gansey, that's a human person, not a fucking dog.

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"Blue had left a basket of clean laundry by the kitchen counter and one of her mother's lacy mauve bras sat on top in full view. Blue refused to feel guilty. It wasn't as if she had expected men to be wandering through the kitchen." (page 119)

Well Blue you could do the sensible thing and fucking move the basket out of the kitchen so your mother's undergarments aren't on full view to a complete fucking stranger that just wandered into your home. Maybe don't put your mother in a position like that when she's gotta be somewhat alone with someone neither of you know.

Maiko-chan [|] Tenae wrote: "Also, why the fuck did she go out there if she knew she's an amplifier? Was she just looking to cause trouble??"

Oh no, sorry for giving that impression. She went outside to be outside and alone, at least that's how I read it, since she didn't know anyone would be outside or doing any spirit stuff at the time so she didn't plan to interrupt. But then she also didn't just go back inside when she realized Neeve was out there doing a ritual. So she didn't intend to be an amplifier to Neeve but she knows that's what she is to everyone so she had no right to be angry at having it pointed out that that's what she did. How can she even try to act like that wouldn't be the natural outcome?
Apart from her awful reaction to that I did otherwise like the chapter and it moving the plot forward a little more after Gansey's chapter with Ronan and Neeve's amplified scrying indicating that things are indeed 'beginning/starting.'

YEAH! I paused at that Gansey line too. Like you said, more and more I feel they are indeed meant for each other.

But no no! It's not her fault! She didn't intend for someone outside the family to see her mom's bra so someone else seeing the bra can't be her fault and she shouldn't feel anything but rightfully indignant that anyone could expect her to feel bad about that.
I get not necessarily wanting to move the basket and then draw more attention to it but that reaction of "Blue refused to feel guilty" is a bitchy move.

Maiko-chan [|] Tenae wrote: "I think today I'm gonna read up to chapter 17 and see what's what so we can talk about it a little more ahaha."

I may read more later tonight if I can't sleep, or I will tomorrow, but I'll let you get to ch17 for now and watch more anime in the meantime.

Right now my feelings toward this book are that I'm pretty much solely reading it for Ronan and Adam, to see Blue get over Adam and focus entirely on Gansey so that can be a thing and she won't have any silly thoughts like thinking she deserves Adam, seeing whether or not I like Gansey by the end of this going forward, reading for any cool or interesting things happening with the plot, and figuring out what is up with Noah's character and what purpose he serves.
I came across a maybe spoiler about Noah further along in the series (book 4 I think) so I won't be surprised if things go south with him but right now I just want something to actually happen with his character. He hasn't really done anything or shown up much besides to be on the peripherals to the point you almost forget he exists (which may very well be the point, in which case good job).

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| Maiko-chan | wrote: "Tenae wrote: "Also, why the fuck did she go out there if she knew she's an amplifier? Was she just looking to cause trouble??"

Oh no, sorry for giving that impression. She went outside to be outsi..."

Blue seems to have a habit of knowing that yeah the situation isn't her fault but also refusing to do anything to make it better even when she should/could. And Gansey is really annoying me because he believes problems can all be solved with money and gets confused when Adam's like "no, I need to do this for myself, I need to get out of this situation by myself because I need to be independent" like bruh, c'mon. It's not that hard of a concept to understand.

But also like, not apologising for making Adam sneak out, leading to him getting his face badly bruised, is a dick move. He didn't show up at school all day the next day and Gansey knows Adam's home life is abusive.

Do you also get the feeling that the whole psychic readings stuff is a bunch of crap in this book? They do incredibly vague and shit readings, and then Blue was like "here, pay each of us $20 for telling you shit fucking all and wasting your time" and then only got a little bit guilty for it when Adam glared at her. The way she talks about people, even if they are a rich and snobby, is eyebrow raising because like girl you have no legs to stand on in the snobby department.

Oh yeah, and I reached chapter 17. I'm hoping things will pick up from here because it's kinda been like...boring?

And I get what you mean about the villain's chapters. They don't really add anything to the book. The villain is kind of just there to put in some "chilling" foreshadowing in roughly two pages and then just leave. Like okay thank you, not sure what it is you think you're contributing to, but thanks!

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Also it's interesting to see a more vulnerable side to Ronan. When he was essentially like "would you guys just leave me behind?" (can't remember the exact quote) there's a real vulnerability there that I think was nicely handled.

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| Maiko-chan | wrote: "Tenae wrote: "I think today I'm gonna read up to chapter 17 and see what's what so we can talk about it a little more ahaha."

I may read more later tonight if I can't sleep, or I will tomorrow, bu..."

Yeah Noah just kind of sidles into the background and then makes doomy comments and just leaves again. Ooh, what's the spoiler?

Mmhmm I agree. I'm only reading this for Ronan/Adam development too. Blue and Gansey are a match made in hell. Put a little more money in Blue's pockets and she'd be exactly like Gansey.

Have fun watching anime!! I'm gonna pick up either Words of Radiance or Neverwhere - I found a good copy at work to borrow because it's not a mass market paperback, which I struggle to read. It's just a normal paperback.

Maiko-chan [|] Accurate Blue description!
Only a little bit guilty and only because she still wanted Adam to just blush over her. I probably would have asked for more money too just since it's clear Gansey could easily pay more than a mere $20, but omg for that service it is overcharging. The only thing that really came from it is proving Gansey is on the right track for finding what he wants and Calla letting the reader know there's more to Ronan's character. And I guess also Adam having no respect for Blue after the money thing. Even her reaction after they leave is jacked up, getting upset at her mom for being vague with her when she could have actually said something to help Gansey out since she and her family all know horrible things will happen to Gansey, and potentially those friends close to him, and she just does nothing. No giving the journal back, no racing outside to tell them even a tiny useful thing, just lets her mom say they know stuff and refuse to help which is an awful way to deter someone from continuing something, if that was even a thought Blue's mom had.
(Adam definitely deserved an apology from Gansey.)

Yep, exactly. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Whelk because he lost a friend? He's just been creepy to Gansey & co. at school and a rude asshole for his reading. I don't feel sorry for him at all. Understandably bitter and resentful he may be but he's not sympathetic. His situation is, but not him himself.

Yes! Ronan showing vulnerability was definitely the best part of ch16. I'm liking every moment of him doting on that baby raven too.

Honestky I forgt the details of the Noah spoiler but I think it foreshadowed him turning against Gansey and being a threat somehow.

lol once again we're in it for our gay/bi boys

Ohh have fun with those!

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I'm glad Adam glared at her and showed his displeasure at Gansey basically being extorted because that was an atrocious reading. When Ronan said "tell me something truthful" there was absolutely no need for - what's her name again? - to spout bullshit and be mean to a paying customer. They could have lost the business of all three of them, and then they'd be down the sixty dollars they did not deserve.

Yeah it was a weak attempt at making them stop. Very weak. The worst way to get someone to stop doing something is to tell them to stop. It'll only pique their interest more.

What the fuck is with the names in this book? "Whelk." ("Oh Marge is ill, ate a funny whelk--" "DAD LOOK, HARRY'S GOT A LETTER!") Yeah that's the thing, people have gone through the same or worse and not turned out to be a complete shithead. It's definitely not a reason or excuse.

I'm loving how we've just set our goals away from enjoying the story as a whole and more toward the Adam/Ronan development. Probably the only thing interesting right now. Here's hoping we get out of Gansey's point of view at some point. And Blue's. God, both of them should not be narrating a book. They ought to be the side characters.

Maiko-chan [|] Wait you think Calla spouted bs to Ronan when he asked for specifics? I read that as her telling him an absolute truth, but in a bitchy way just to prove her/their legitimacy of ability and as Ronan tells Gansey later just to stir up shit between them.

I dunno how to tell you this but that is 100% not going to happen. Even the description for the next series, which is specific to Ronan's character, has other characters in the snyopsis so they will have POV chapters throughout I'm sure.

I haven't given up hope for the whole book/series but yeah, Pynch is where it's at. (I finally found their ship name! I'm so happy! It looks like fluff is the most used tag for them, yay!)

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I woke up at 2AM randomly. Gotta love it. Anyway.

I feel like Calla could have gone for anything though. Any bit of relevant information that nobody outside his friends would know. Certainly not someone he had only just met. So why “your dad is dead and you are responsible”? Like, do you want your money or not? Are you gonna give out a seance on top of this attitude you’re giving?

Okay so I remember nothing of your original comment after this. That’s the downside of the Goodreads app. It’ll preview a message but won’t give me access to the comment section lmao.

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