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Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
buddy: Myeisha

Would you like to discuss every 8 chapters?

No spoilers before we discuss each cluster of chapters. Is this okay? Or do you want to discuss at the end of the book?

MYMY  | 135 comments Let’s do every 8 chapters!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Ok. That’s 3 mini discussions! I’m starting now. Comment “ready” when you finish the first 8.

MYMY  | 135 comments Okay sounds good

MYMY  | 135 comments Ready

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
James has the NERVEEEEEE!!!!

MYMY  | 135 comments The nerve girl!!! I feel bad for Dana feeling like she’s second best and her momma no good for allowing the relationship to continue how it is!

MYMY  | 135 comments Tell me what you think of Raleigh.

I think he low key has feeling for Gwen

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Her dad’s friend??? Girl FIRST OF ALL- he signed her birth certificate! Baybehhhhh, that’s one hell of a friend! It’s so weird that he’s still coming around like that!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
And James stuttering problem is hilarious! And if I was Dana, I would have BEEN blew up his spot and introduced myself to my half sister.

MYMY  | 135 comments Yes!! There’s some ulterior motives behind his actions or maybe he’s just that great of a friend but I HIGHLY doubt it.

MYMY  | 135 comments Yup! When they happened to meet and had the same jacket on that’s when I would’ve dropped that bomb.
James is a straight a** for not allowing Dana to go places or do things because Chaurisse would be around. He’s willing to sacrifice one daughters education for the other smh a shame!

MYMY  | 135 comments When he said “s-s-st-stay the hell away from my family” I literally said “oh he** naw” out loud! Then her momma had the nerve to start rubbing his neck 🙄🙄 like that comment wasnt a slap in her face

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
The fact that Dana was bouncing from boy to boy and entertaining any guy who liked her is sad. She is legit comfortable with being a secret even in relationships. This is real life sh*t because so many girls don’t know their worth and what they shouldn’t tolerate! Her family arrangement got her head messed up and her self esteem down. Shame

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I would have blackmailed James so he wouldn’t tell her mom about her boyfriend. Dana dropped the ball on that one! I would have said “if you tell my mom, I’ll telling your wife!”

MYMY  | 135 comments Ready

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
You were right about Raleigh! Why would be ask Gwen to marry him?? How disgusting!!! I wonder if James knew about that mess?

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
And Dana so BOLD! all up in them folks house asking all those questions about her dad. Dana is ready to break the ice!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I still don’t understand why Raleigh is so involved in Laverne’s life. Why is she playing “telephone” with Raleigh & James! Does James have another situation we don’t know about?

MYMY  | 135 comments Him asking her to me him but also for her to even consider it! Talking bout it’s something James will get used to!

MYMY  | 135 comments that we are on Chauresse’s version I feel for her and her momma. James ain’t doing right by either “family” he got.

MYMY  | 135 comments When Dana ran into Chauresse at that store I can just picture the wheels in her head turning just thinking of a master plan of keeping her “enemy” close. She just sounded suspicious asking all those questions and for Chaureese to think she’s there because she likes her shows how warped Chaureese’s mind is. She wants to be accepted by a Silver girl so badly she can’t see through Dana’s sketch questioning about their father

MYMY  | 135 comments I feel bad for Raleigh falling in second place to James his entire life, with Mrs Bunny, Laverne, Gwen, even Dana and Chauresse. He’s protecting James and his heart while sacrificing his own happiness. James will be heartbroken if Laverne and Chauresse found out about Gwen and Dana. It’ll probably somehow be his fault for not keeping his eye on it. Then who will Raleigh have on his side. He’ll be cast away like how he was all those years ago by his own momma.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Leverne came off as one of those “if me man cheats, I’ll act like I know nothing about it” types.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod

unless you want to finish to the book because we’ll only have 2 more chapters after that. You wanna combine them or wait and include our final thoughts?

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Never mind! 😩😩😩😩

I’ve finished & ready for discussion!

MYMY  | 135 comments Giirrrllll! The way they dropped that bomb! You know what James chose Chauresse and Laverne from the beginning! He lived with them, he claimed them, he was willing to leave Dana out in the middle of nowhere in order to not be seen by Gwen, and the way he treated Dana in the parking lot after the “renewal of the vows” ceremony was just wrong. This was his doing! The truth was bound to come out whether he liked it or not. I feel like he was willing to live the way he was for the rest of his life. Even after the truth came out and he got his wife back he still didn’t want anything to do with Dana and Gwen now that’s a cold-heart good for nothing man right there

MYMY  | 135 comments Yes the bigamy’s itself was bad but the deception for all those years smh was worse. He lived a double life for 20 years! He had a whole notha family! I feel like if he had been honest from the beginning he may have been able to to integrate his daughters as sisters. It may not have gone over well in the beginning but there wouldn’t be any denying the truth. Laverne would have still taken him and Gwen would’ve been okay with the fact that her and her daughter weren’t living in secret anymore. I truly felt Dana started in on Chauresse because she wanted to see what was keeping her father away from her. She needed to see what made her better. She went into it with the wrong intentions but ended up liking her and felt bad with the big reveal.

MYMY  | 135 comments Who so you think had it better off though? Dana or Chauresse? Chauresse seemed to have a happier life being ignorant to the fact that her father had a whole 2nd family. She had first pick (from the college she wanted to attend to a job she wanted to work) even if she didn’t have first pick, Dana did.
Dana on the other hand was living with the truth yet wasn’t happy with her life; like she said she was lonely.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Gwen was desperate the whole time. Desperate to feel loved. Her own mother abandoned her. That’s why she put up with James saying stuff like “don’t talk about MY family!” And disregarded her and Dana as a family.

Raleigh is a peon. His mother also abandoned him and it was willing to do whatever to make others “like” him because his mother never did. I wonder that he did with all those pictures he’d take of Dana and her mom. That’s so creepy.

James - a piece of shit from the start when he told 5 yr old Dana that she was a secret. It hurt me bad that he completely disowned Dana when the shit hit the fan. The way to pushed her off at the vow renewal made my heart ache. How could you be so concerned about Dana going out with guys that are bad for her then turn around and disregard her life.

Leverne- like I say, she’s one of those turn the other cheek type of women. She was so insecure and pass the trait to her daughter. WHAT TYPE OF WOMAN IS OKAY WITH A MAN DISOWNING HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD? I don’t understand James connection with her. He got her pregnant on accident to begin with and when she lost it, they made another to feel a void. He didn’t actively pursue her. Her “I won because I’m still with him mentally was disgusting”.

Chaurisse- Insecure and naive. She was okay with because a secret with the guy she was having sex with too. She wanted to be accepted so bad.

Dana - most of her insecurities stemmed from the fact that she was a secret. She couldn’t understand why SHE was the secret and set out to become friends with her sister to see what was so special about her. The answer is nothing. Her mom simply had more history with James than Gwen did and that’s that on that. Chaurisse and Dana both had the same insecurities. The only difference was Dana had a one up on Chaurisse because of her looks... that’s it. (Sorry for any typos)

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
The nerve of Chaurisse to pull up on Dana and her child! You and yo momma won the Dog faced mediocre, stuttering, trifling dad over, let Dana live her life! She didn’t ask for none of this.

MYMY  | 135 comments Period.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I liked this book!

MYMY  | 135 comments Me too it was a good read

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