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message 1: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 820 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

Missed check in yesterday because I was out in Detroit all day. We had a concert in the evening, so we'd taken the day off as a pre-birthday celebration. (Not til next wednesday).

This week I finished:
The Wicked King - I enjoyed this a lot, looking forward to the next installation. She must have written them back to back, this just came out in January I think and the next is out this fall. Luckily!

The Calculating Stars - this finishes off my ATY! two down, two to go. this was the second book for two books related in theme/subject/etc. I used Shoot for the Moon for the other. This takes place during that space race, but is an alternate history where due to a meteorite strike, the space race becomes one of colonization and survival. I liked it a lot, looking forward to the next.

Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina - Reading women book about a female athlete. I just finished this, i liked it. She's very young, but still wanted to share her story about being a war orphan from Africa that got adopted by an American family who encouraged her dreams of ballet.

Currently reading:

Technically haven't started anything but I think i'll ready The Murmur of Bees for read harder's own voices set in central America or Mexico.

I'll borrow from popsugar this week, Where do you get book recommendations from?

I use the various groups I'm in, friends, and book perks mostly. But I do follow Tor.com on facebook and check out their lists when the titles catch my eye. Especially if it's lists of science fiction/fantasy from diverse authors.

message 2: by Jen (new)

Jen (piratenami) | 186 comments We just got back from our vacation today! I'm sad about it being over, but very happy to be home.

This week I finished:
Shadow & Flame - I didn't like this nearly as much as the first book, I have to say. The first book surprised me when we read it for the book club here. This one was mostly enjoyable, but also disappointing.

Well Met - I read this on a travel day. This was a fun, fluffy romance, exactly what I was in the mood for. I especially loved the Renn Faire setting. It felt so familiar.

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me - A graphic novel about the trials and tribulations of a teenage lesbian and her on-again, off-again girlfriend. Beautiful art, and an emotional story.

Manga this week: Takane & Hana, Vol. 10, The Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 10, The Promised Neverland, Vol. 11

Not currently reading anything, since I just finished one today, but I think next on the list will be Aurora Rising for a change of pace.

QOTW: I think my answer is practically the same as yours, Sheri. I get recommendations from friends, various groups I'm in, my subscription box (Scribbler) and some author newsletters. I also follow Tor's blog, and also a blog called The Book Smugglers, which I get lots of ideas from.

message 3: by Daniele (new)

Daniele Powell (danielepowell) | 158 comments I've been meaning to attack my physical TBR stack (mostly secondhand from fundraising book fairs) so I could re-donate those I don't wish to keep... so of course my last three finishes are two audiobooks and an ebook XD

On the Road - Maybe I got used to the style as it went along, maybe it improved, maybe I made peace with the fact the characters were never going to have any sort of resolution, but I finished it.

And Then There Were None - BFbot had to read it for a class, so I figured I'd join in. Hadn't read an Agatha Christie since my teens. Although it has aged poorly in several respects, it's a classic in its genre and was an enjoyable read.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking - I have never read a cookbook before. I am an iffy cook at best. I picked this up after the author made a video collab with Brad Leone from the Bon Appetit test kitchen, which was an absolute riot. I listened to the audiobook read by the author and will probably invest in the hard copy for the recipes. I warmly recommend this book. Hopefully some of her magic will stick next time I get cooking!

QOTW: FoE and the PHRC (formerly Hogwarts Running Club) Ravenclaw common room are constant sources of inspiration, as are threads on here for the various reading challenge prompts. Once in a while a friend will recommend something, but our reading tastes differ wildly - my most well-read friend DNF'ed my favorite book of all time, so it's a rare occurrence.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan LoVerso | 255 comments I am home for about 15 hours in between two business trips totaling 9 days. I should get some time to read this coming week and my flights meant good time for listening to my audiobook.

I am about 75% through Good Morning, Midnight. I am really enjoying this book although I'm pretty sure I'v figured out a big piece of what the ending is going to be. It is a library hardcover so it did not go on my flight with me but it is coming on the car trip so I can finish it.

Instead I took a paperback on the plane and started reading Me Talk Pretty One Day. It was a book I just happened to have on a shelf and sounded mildly interesting.

On the plane ride out I finished one Scalzi audiobook, The Android's Dream, and started another. I spent a lot of time listening to Lock In on the treadmill and flight home. I am not quite halfway but enjoying it a lot. Both are narrated by Wil Wheaton and I am really liking books he narrates. I like his delivery. This is now my 3rd Scalzi book, all via audio narrated by Wheaton. I think what I like about them is similar to Nora Roberts: The dialogue between people feels realistic. I can really buy in to the way people in the books speak to each other and the natural conversation makes them more fun to listen to or read.

QOTW: I get a couple ideas from friends or places like the NYT or WSJ reviews. But many come from here and FoE threads on FB. My TBR list is far longer and gets added to far faster than I finish reading things. So I'm not in danger of running out.

message 5: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 1 comments I started The Calculating Stars this week, and then immediately bought two more copies on kindle for two friends. I also decided to update my goodreads in preparation for going on holiday with a bookworm friend. Trying to decide what paperbacks to take with me.

I get recommendations from friends, walking past book shops, or daily emails of things i might like from bookbub.

message 6: by Sarah (last edited Sep 16, 2019 12:31PM) (new)

Sarah Pace (space1138) | 127 comments I've been completely slammed with other life stuff this week, so I've had almost zilch reading time, and will likely have very little this week, too.

Started on Out of the Silent Planet, though. I tried this one years ago back in high school and just couldn't get though it. I'm in a radically different place now (and have a much different relationship with CS Lewis, and with JRR Tolkien, who basically did an un-credited rewrite of the whole thing), and am thus really enjoying it this time around.

QOTW - where do book recommendations come from? Please put down your electronic device and look in the nearest mirror! A very healthy chunk of them, as expected, are FoE based. I'm also a librarian, so I get tons of good ones from colleagues who have reading tastes similar to mine. The rest come from my "meatspace" friends, book blogs/feeds that I follow, and a few other geeky groups that I'm a part of online.

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