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Suggest books for me > Historical romances with titled/landed hero involved in other business ventures

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Rhiannon | 41 comments Hero is titled or part of landed gentry; he takes care of his land and tenants. But he also becomes involved in other business ventures throughout the book in order to diversify. Could be some sort of factory, railway, coal mining, metalworking, leather-working, etc. It also doesn't necessarily have to be industrial. Could be newspapers or other establishments too. Heroine may or may not help out (not a requirement).

The only example I can think of is Devil in Winter where Sebastian takes control of the gambling club, but this isn't the best example since we don't really see him taking care of his estates as far as I can remember. And he's not exactly doing it to diversify. But recommendations like this are fine too as long as the hero is titled.

EDIT: I am technically trying to find one specific book but I really don't remember anything else about it. Thought I'd ask for recommendations

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Ann | 530 comments Thunder & Roses - Clare has the hero (Earl of Aberdare) become take a greater interest in welfare of miners as well as creating a slate quarry to offer alternative employment.

The Hathaways Complete Series - The head of the Hathaway family unexpectedly inherits a title, and over the course of the series the family learns about taking care of their property and tenants.

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Rhiannon | 41 comments I've been meaning to read the entire Hathaways series

Definitely adding Thunder and Roses to my TBR

Thank you!

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Rosalyn | 41 comments Once Upon a Rake by Samantha Holt seems to match

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Pamela Love | 1077 comments All the Sweet Tomorrows All the Sweet Tomorrows by Bertrice Small

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MJ | 1339 comments This series has working lords... daily works are not a huge on page thing, but it’s a part of it.

Chance Sisters

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Rhiannon | 41 comments Bump

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Sue Elleker | 767 comments Some of Stephanie Laurens' Cynster series. A couple of them involve breeding horses.

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