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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Thriller|The book starts with a murder which was probably protagonist's father/uncle then he gets to know he is next and that even his wife is a part of this group THEN HE runs away to a different place and finds a new love

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Neyati | 1 comments The book starts with a man finding about a murder which might have been his father/uncle and he is next then he gets to know that even his wife is a part of some group/cult after him, she's been faking her behaviour with him.Also I remember something like-the murder was possibly with a baseball bat or something?? SO then the man/main lead runs away to some other place in order to hide from people and starts a new life. SPOILER-There he meets a girl and falls in love with her, this girl has had a dark and really sad past. she was raped several times or was in some sort of profession of this sort.BECAUSE of which she used to shower a lot (many times in one day) because she felt unclean and wanted to "wash them away" the ending was happy I guess ALSO they were living on a boat.IT is a very old book since it belonged to my father, I'm a 90s kid and so you can imagine it must be very old. I'm sorry but I don't know the specific year probably 70s or 60s. The cover of the book was Black and it had red and I guess silver fonts and the title and author name were printed in that raised form on the cover.PLEASE HELP THANKYOU I've been trying to find it for ages and now I'm losing memory of this book

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