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message 1: by Jess (new)

Jess (jess_3710) | 3 comments I'm available to read and review your books. I read most genres; I particularly like fiction, classics, thrillers, indie novels and novels with strong characters/themes.

I've reviewed for a company called Love Indie Romance, on my Instagram jessjess_in_a_novel and my own blog as well as Goodreads. I also have a degree in English Literature and Language. I had to take a break from reviewing for a while but really want to start reading and reviewing author's work again.

If possible I would prefer a hard copy of a book (purely because it looks better in photos of the book).


message 2: by A.R. (new)

A.R. Zane | 4 comments Hi,
I would be SO HAPPY if you would review my female spy thriller :)
Dark Haloes - its a novella 3 book series

unfortunately, no hardcover :(
Thank you!!!

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Canna (alexcanna) | 60 comments Hi Jess, I have a time-loop thriller (with a very determined character) that I hope you'll enjoy, The South Tower.
It's free on KU or I can send you a paperback.
Many thanks!

message 4: by Jess (new)

Jess (jess_3710) | 3 comments Hi A.R. Zane, it says the book is not available

message 5: by Jess (new)

Jess (jess_3710) | 3 comments Hi Alex, that sounds right up my street. Please could you send me a paperback? (I can't work out how to message you). Thanks!

message 6: by Alan (new)

Alan Kolok Hi Jess,

I wrote a Hard Science Thriller, Twist. It is about prions, the proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease that go horribly bad. The story focuses on a lone-wolf investigator trying to figure out a horrific series of crimes. I would be happy to send you a hard copy. You can find out more at my Goodreads page

message 7: by Susana (new)

Susana Gino | 3 comments Hi Jess,
I recently published 2 books (one in English and one in Portuguese).

Would you like to review Sarali? It a fiction, women´s genre, a provocative story with a philosophical twist that brings to the surface old taboos and turns them into powerful gifts that every woman should unleash.

Let me know if you find it interesting. you can find SARALI here:

Thank you!

message 8: by A.R. (new)

A.R. Zane | 4 comments Jess wrote: "Hi A.R. Zane, it says the book is not available"

hmmm. weird!
i just checked the link i put and it works :(
can you please try again and let me know what message exactly you are getting? Thank you!
here's the link again -

message 9: by D.M. (new)

D.M. | 40 comments Hey Jess, are you UK? If yes I can send you a book

A Sea of Monsters & Other Tales by D.M. Wolfenden
UNDEAD by D.M. Wolfenden
Winters Day by D.M. Wolfenden

If you would let me know which one you would prefer :)


message 10: by Alex (new)

Alex Canna (alexcanna) | 60 comments Jess wrote: "Hi Alex, that sounds right up my street. Please could you send me a paperback? (I can't work out how to message you). Thanks!"

Hi Jess, sent you a message, thanks! Alex

message 11: by Joe (new)

Joe Albanese | 9 comments Hi, I can send a paperback copy of my novel, Benevolent King, if you'd like! Thanks for your help!

message 12: by Catrin (new)

Catrin Russell (catrinrussell) | 1 comments Hi Jess!

If you would be interested in High/Epic fantasy with plenty of romance and action, I have a book you might like! This is a story about impossible love, revenge, faith, friendship as much as it is dark, bloody and grim.

The Darkness was closing in over the Midlands, with the Priesthood being the only one daring to stand up against its terrifying presence.

Trained in the arts of the Light, the priests walked a bloodied path through the scores of demons, seeking to rid the world of their unholy presence. But the fight against demonkind was becoming increasingly perilous, and danger rose to threaten the Priesthood’s very survival.

The priestess Anaya stands resolute in her conviction. Despite the dangers she must endure along her dedicated path, her unwavering faith in the Goddess and Her divine supremacy doesn’t falter. She’s set on following the orders of her High Priest, no matter how gruesome.

Until one day, when all her beliefs are challenged…

A fateful meeting with the elusive demon Samael opens the doors to doubt and Anaya begins to question the very path of the Priesthood and of all those steadfast in the preachings of the Goddess.

Were they wrong about demonkind? Was her purpose in life truly for naught?

Anaya finds herself increasingly torn, attempting to pave her own path away from the blood and gore of her Priesthood. Entwined by fate with the demon she despises, their paths are destined to unite as ancient prophecies are brought to life.

Just message me if it is of interest! It is not on paperback yet, I'm afraid.

Best regards,
Catrin Russell

message 13: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Carriere | 7 comments Looking for an epic fantasy? What about a good book for both adults and kids? Love strong female characters? How about a cast of misfits trying to survive dark times? Look no further than Firestone: A Tale of the Eternal Stones.

message 14: by Hector (new)

Hector Fenwick

I don't know how to send you a hard copy. If you want to review my digital version, you can buy it or get it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

message 15: by Grady (last edited Jan 16, 2020 08:27PM) (new)

Grady Brown | 42 comments Jess wrote: "I'm available to read and review your books. I read most genres; I particularly like fiction, classics, thrillers, indie novels and novels with strong characters/themes.

I've reviewed for a compan..."

Greetings. My name is Grady P. Brown. I have two fantasy books that are available for review. However, I only have them as PDF files. If you are interested in reviewing my work, please give me your email address and I will send the files to you. Thank you.

message 16: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Nadeau | 4 comments Hi there!

I would love it if you were to review my debut novel.

My book is a Young Adult Spy Adventure called Death by Midnight: The Secret Life of Anna Goode series. Below is a brief synopsis:

Anna Goode is a teenaged-genius with a secret—her homemade inventions that she only shares with her best friend, Jake. But when a shadowy figure kidnaps Anna’s parents, she is forced to help him carry out his mysterious plan. With her inventions and Jake by her side, Anna must use her gifted mind to save not only her parents but countless others. And she better hurry. Because the clock is ticking.

If you are interested in reviewing it, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing back from you. :)

message 17: by Kiran (new)

Kiran Bhat (originalsin_0421) Hello Jess,

I am Kiran Bhat. I am an Indian-American polyglot, traveler, and writer. I have traveled to over 130 countries, lived in 18 different places, and speak 12 languages. I try to use my lifestyle and perspective as a means to create globalised works of literature. I'm in the middle of a book tour, but have realized that I have done very little work to get reviews of my work onto the Internet; I am trying to fix this now. Would any of you guys be interested in reviewing my novel, we of the forsaken world...?

In a distant corner of the globe, a man journeys to the birthplace of his mother, a tourist town destroyed by an industrial spill. In a nameless remote tribe, the chief’s second son is born, creating a scramble for succession as their jungles are being destroyed by loggers. In one of the world’s sprawling metropolises, a homeless one-armed woman sets out to take revenge upon the men who trafficked her. And, in a small village of shanty shacks connected only by a mud-and- concrete road, a milkmaid watches the girls she calls friends destroy her reputation.

we of the forsaken world…, published by Iguana Books on January 22nd, 2020, is structured as a linguistic chain comprising the accounts of 16 people, connected along subtle lines, who indirectly witness these four narratively and geographically diverse central storylines. The story flows and recombines like digital connectivity, throwing into question pre-21st century assumptions about narrative logic and, I hope, embodying the way in which modern communication unites this planet every second, everywhere.

If you are interested in reading it, you can get a copy on amazon (, or I will happily send you a review copy if you pm me. Just let me know what works for you.

Best wishes,


message 18: by Astralia (new)

Astralia Dik | 12 comments Hello. I'm a new self-published author and I want to present you my book "Mystics".
It's a mystical and psychological thriller. Also it's a dystopian describing pre-apocalypse.
There is absolute darkness. The world will end soon. No one will survive. Everything will be absorbed by Abyss. Mary is the only one who can save the whole world but she doesn't know about her destiny. She tries to find her vocation among another's life and memory but she's destined to find herself only through her soul.
You can see my book through links and maybe you'll want to review it:

message 19: by Wayne (new)

Wayne McKinstry | 37 comments I would very much appreciate it if you would review my book, The Two Hands of The King. PM me for a copy. Thanks!

Sir Donald and Lord Overton are bitter rivals for the favor of King Phillip deRoyale. But now their world is threatened by evil creatures, who intend to make this world their own. Now the two rivals will be tested like never before when their King orders them to work together to deal with this new enemy. Can these rivals work together? They will have help from Prince Luke, who is the third son of King DeRoyale. Also they will work with a Witch and Wizard who have to sort out their romantic feelings while saving the world.



message 20: by Supriya (last edited May 02, 2020 08:48AM) (new)

Supriya 'Deep' (authorsupriya) | 1 comments Hi Jess,

I'm looking for review to my #first book 'Amitav Ghost', a speculative fiction (99 INR/1.3$):

Please participate in contest to get free ebook copy:

message 21: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Mack McCoy (goodreadscomkellymackmccoy) | 12 comments Hi Jess,

Would you like to review my Christian Mystery/Suspense novel? Here's the Amazon link so you may learn more.

Thank you!

message 22: by Zoey (new)

Zoey Za (zoeyza) | 3 comments Hi Jess, below is a description of my comedic memoir, "I'll Laugh About This Later," ~52k words. I can send you mobi or epub format if you're interested. Thanks for your consideration!

Book description:
My name is not Zoey, but the rest of this story is pretty legit. I did grow up in Hawaii, and I do check the boxes "two or more races" and "millennial" on surveys. My journey includes a cast of close relations who are managing schizophrenia, OCD, hoarding, and sticking-head-in-sand. I have included an unhealthy dose of detail regarding my struggles with sex and relationships. I also share my struggles to try the make-the-world-a-better-place thing, despite my urge to sprint away from every mildly uncomfortable conversation. I've been lucky to find humor in most of my life. There may be bits of this story that bum you out. However, I'll only let that go on for a few pages before I say something awkward that you might laugh at. For example, if I tell you someone dies, I'll quickly follow up by telling you about the time a 12ish year old boy hit on me at a grocery store. (He may have mistaken my work backpack for middle school gear, or he may have just been a baller.) There's a splash of politics and COVID-19 pandemic fun in here too. I would describe this story as having a happy ending.

message 23: by B.B. (new)

B.B. James (bevpeters) | 115 comments Hi Jess and happy new year.
If fancy reading and reviewing my book -Room service by B.B.James, it is available at:
Room Service is a contemporary romantic suspense novel that follows the lives and loves of two medical professionals - Claire, a beautiful blonde nurse, and Hugo the handsome orthopaedic consultant-surgeon with whom she is infatuated. She has a boyfriend, he has a wife, and infidelity is always just around the corner as she attempts to lure him into an affair. But love, lies, and deceit turn swiftly to tragedy in a sudden and shocking denouement.

'The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.'

message 24: by Elie (last edited Feb 11, 2021 06:33AM) (new)

Elie N. Azar (elienazar) | 15 comments Hello, my name is Elie, I'm a self-published author into poetry, and I just published my first book. I guess everyone knows how hard it is for a newbie to get reviews; Therefore, I would be wholeheartedly grateful if anyone would be interested in reading my book and leaving a review on amazon and/or goodreads.

Goodreads link: Scribbles of the mind

Amazon Int link:

message 25: by Reina (new)

Reina Sasaki (reina1306) | 7 comments Dear Jess,

My name is Reina. I’m the author of WHEN GOD SAYS No, young adult fiction with a touch of mystery about two girls who struggled to understand the value of being alive. Are you currently accepting titles for review?

The full synopsis of the book is as following—

‘When Rie decided to walk into the sea, she was saved by a mysterious girl named Ryoka. Through her, Rie rediscovered a new purpose in life, and a passionate friendship. But Ryoka had her own dark past, and their friendship may not be able to withstand the secrets between them. Will either girl survive, when they’ve put their faith in each other?’

For book information, please use this link

If this sounds like a book that might capture your interest, I would be happy send a paperback version as a gift to you. Thanks very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Reina Sasaki

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