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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical romance. Estranged husband and wife

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message 1: by C (new)

C Meg | 62 comments H is a spy/ working for crown. h is also spy related I don't remember good side or bad. There's a scene in the early chapters where h while seducing H drugs him, ties him in prefer to escape.

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SamSpayedPI | 1677 comments In what era is the book set, approximately? Also, when did you read it (if you could narrow it down to even a decade it will help)?

Are the H and h the husband and wife?

message 3: by C (new)

C Meg | 62 comments I read it 1 to 2 years back

message 4: by C (new)

C Meg | 62 comments it's set in 19th century england

message 5: by Frank (new)

Frank | 89 comments Lord and Lady Spy

I haven't read this (it's on my tbr list), so it's a wild guess!

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Rhiannon | 41 comments Bump

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