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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Maybe a horror book involving a young man befriending an albino girl. Possible spoilers.

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message 1: by Russell (new)

Russell | 2 comments I read this book sometime around 92-95. I remember there was a boy, maybe early to mid teen. Him and his mother had moved to a cabin in the woods or maybe in the remote countryside with woods behind the property. He was exploring the woods one day where he came across a lake and saw an albino girl, presumably around the same age, she was either bathing or swimming in the lake. They eventually became friends. I seem to remember her father was creepy and weird and very possessive of her. I think he had somehow bound the ghost of his wife to the girl's body. At the end of the book I remember a scene with the boy and girl at the shore of the lake or maybe a beach and she was running towards the water, she collapsed but the ghost continued running.

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Kris | 32062 comments Mod
Russell, is this book for teens (young adults) or older adults?

What's the location (country/region)?

message 3: by Russell (new)

Russell | 2 comments I want to say it is for older adults. If I remember there might have been a scene describing the girl being nude and I don't think that would fall into YA category. I'm assuming it happens in America and probably somewhere in the south but there's no guarantee that I'm right about that.

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Russell ~~
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