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message 1: by Stephan (new)

Stephan Hahn | 14 comments Magic is born into the world, and on its winds, the fate of many are carried. Meryn, a commoner of Lone Pine, fears he is responsible for the eradication of his village. He fleas to the south, where he discovers he now possesses powers—the kind that are only spoken of in tales of old. Powers that he did not have the first eighteen years of his life.

In the south, political turmoil is at its zenith. Many in the court’s inner circle fear the king is too weak to lead, and plot treason. Sensing the weakness, the Black Fingers also strike. They spread riots and destruction throughout the capital. When the heir of a northern house goes missing, the Lord Marshall is dispatched to investigate. On his way, he stumbles upon the destruction of Lone Pine, as well as a potential regicide plot.

As the heirs to the great houses begin to vanish, tensions escalate to never before seen levels of hostility in the realm. Meryn becomes caught in the throes of high-born life and must decide not only where his loyalty lies, but what to do with the power he has been given.

Whisper of Winds is an epic fantasy complete at 112,500 words.

message 2: by Quinn (new)

Quinn Vanderwaal (quinnvanderwaal) | 18 comments Hi, Stephan!
I have a sci-fi/romance manuscript I'd be interested to swap with you if you're available.

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Danckert | 4 comments Hi Stephan,
I have a YA fantasy manuscript (85,000 words) and would be interested in a swap if you are.

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