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Tangle of Time
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Maureen Thorpe

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Maureen Thorpe | 2 comments

Hello Fellow Yorkshire Writers.

My name is Maureen Thorpe. Although born and bred in Yorkshire (my heart remains there), I now live in British Columbia, Canada. My debut historical novel, Tangle of Time, is set in Yorkshire, both inland, including York (centre of the Universe), the Moors and coast.

My characters include a young midwife/fledgling witch, two longbowmen returning from the French Wars, a telepathic cat and a few bad men from Sheffield!

When Annie falls through time to a 15th century village, she and her new friends become sleuths as they explore murder and mayhem in a "quiet" Yorkshire village.

My publisher is Canadian. I am working on e-books so I can access the U.K. market but my dream is to have a British Publisher.

I would love to chat with Yorkshire writers.

message 2: by Neelie (new)

Neelie Wicks | 3 comments Hi Maureen, good to hear from you. Your book sounds intriguing I have never read a book with a midwife, witch, long bowman, a sleuth and telepathic cat! Set in Yorkshire too, brilliant! I’m Neelie and I write for children aged 3 to 16. My Miss Pickle series is published but my projects for older groups are not finished yet. Neelie

message 3: by Lesley (last edited Sep 14, 2019 11:06AM) (new)

Lesley Field | 3 comments Hi Maureen, Lovely to meet you. I'm a romantic novelist living in Yorkshire. I write as Lesley Field and write historical romance, set in and around the regency period. I also write contemporary romance, set in Canada. My husband and I are regular visitors to Canada as we have relatives living in BC. I always say my head home is the UK but my heart home is Canada.

Maureen Thorpe | 2 comments Hello Neelie and Lesley.

Many apologies for not responding before now.
I easily become confused with Goodreads, therefore avoid checking in. I know, bad, bad, bad.
A fellow author friend suggests I spend five minutes a day on Goodreads,perhaps I should make that a 2020 resolution
Where are your family in B.C. Lesley? My husband and I spend winters in Victoria to avoid the deep cold and snow of the Rocky Mountains.
Are you both traditionally or self-published? I find the time spent on marketing takes me away from writing - I'm sure a common complaint amongst writers.
My book is now available on Amazon UK and my second will be released in the summer This time the Vikings are involved!

How about you two - what is new?

message 5: by Lesley (last edited Jan 12, 2020 05:25AM) (new)

Lesley Field | 3 comments Hi Maureen, Our nephew and family live in Coquitlam and our niece and family live near Kaslo. I'm traditionally published in e-book format by MuseItUp Publishing but have brought out those books in print myself through CreateSpace now KDP. I am also traditionally published in e-book format and print by Crooked Cat Books. As for social media, like you I find it takes up too much time but it's something that's got to be done. I had my 3rd historical book in my Duchess in Danger series, Dangerous Desire, released by MIU on 12th November. I have another in the series, Dangerous Encounter, due out this year. I also have the 3rd contemporary book in my Saunders series, set in Banff/Canmore, "Saunders-Sisters and Lovers," due for release this year also, both by MIU. So it will be a busy year.

message 6: by Neelie (new)

Neelie Wicks | 3 comments Hi Both, I'm self published. Just about to complete my Miss Pickle a Dizzy Witch series of picture books. I've also nearly completed a chapter book (aged 9-10yrs) The Crumbs. A funny, happy adventure book - or at least I hope it is! My longer term project is for teens and will be a timeslip novel with the themes of resistance/tolerance/human strength. Yes, a busy year ahead.

message 7: by Lesley (new)

Lesley Field | 3 comments Hi Neelie, Looks like we are both going to have a busy year. I'm also seeking a second publisher as I have too many novels on my desktop that need a home. I have so many balls in the air I'm just waiting for one to drop on my head!!

message 8: by Neelie (new)

Neelie Wicks | 3 comments I know that feeling well! Neelie

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