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Connie (cjreynolds52) | 25 comments This book is set in/around Ft. Hood (I think). A woman is having a tough time after after her military husband divorces her saying she isn't good enough for his level in the military. She is having one of those days adjusting to her new status when absolutely everything goes wrong. At the end of the worst workday she falls down, or drops everything or both, and her car won't start. An officer rushes over to help her.
She makes friends with a female professor who explains to her that the only way to get over a man is blow stuff up. Preferably stuff from him or related to him. They do this and she feels better.book
She goes the big military ball with the new man and sees her ex-husband who must deal with the fact that her new man is a higher rank.book
I loved this book and want to re-read it. Thanks for all suggestions!

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Connie (cjreynolds52) | 25 comments Solved: Southern Fried Blues by Pippa Grant writting as Jamie Farrell

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Duplicate thread deleted. Please only post your query once, and bookmark it so you don't lose it.

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