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message 1: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Connell Wardlaw | 8 comments This is my first try at a blurb for Book 2 of dystopian series Sovereigns of the Collapse. Feedback appreciated.

Blood shall not stain the breast of a glory trooper…

It is 2106, seven decades after the Glorious Resolution terminated our affluent times of the Public Era. Nations, airliners, governments, traffic jams, bank notes and tourists all vanished long ago. A new kind of society has formed.

Wilderness is sacred. Secrets are power. Questions are dangerous.

Cost-Centre Lieutenant Lawrence Aldingford of General Wardian glory trust breaches the wrong secret. He gets condemned for life to the Value System, a slave-labour camp of grotesque barbarity.

No escape has ever succeeded. His will be the first. Or he will die trying...

In the outside world, times are changing. Actions once honoured as best-practice Safety Theory have become capital offenses. Even if Lawrence beats the Value System, will he dodge the hangman’s noose?

Events in The Night of Blind Ambition (Book 2) run parallel with A Bloody Arrogant Power (Book 1), adding a dramatic final twist. Encounter the world just prior to a revolutionary dawning!

message 2: by M.L. (new)

M.L. | 1101 comments You might try simplifying it. The last paragraph says the events 'run parallel.' So this is the brother's story? If that's so, I would suggest saying something about it at the start, otherwise it's confusing. To me anyway.

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