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It's a funny thing. The more you read, the better and faster you read.
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I've always been a slow reader, and it's always me. I used to research tips and tricks to read faster. But as I age and read more, I find myself reading faster. I read more in one sitting, because I pick better, more engaging books. I devote more time to reading as the book addiction grows. And my brain becomes better at focusing on the book, the more practice I get. It's just such a joy that reading becomes easier over time, as you pick better books, become practiced over time, and devote more time to reading as the joy of it grows, and the impatience of reading lessens.

Slow reading, fast reading... What's the difference as long as you love books and enjoy them❤️? I myself am a fast reader, but I prefer to slow down and let the story sink in deeply!

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That tickles the funny bone! At least here or if I try an article I can get away with a few more paragraphs.

Thank you for your good article. I think it's true. the more you read,

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this isn't true for me.

My partner reads way faster than me, and I read about 100 more books per year than them.

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I think it's true. the more you read, it will help increase reading power and memory. It will increase your reading wile power.

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Yes it is right. Thanks for sharing this post.


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Hi all, Books are real companion. Always I remember Francis bacon's quotes "Reading makes a full man; conference a ready man; writing makes an exact man"
The more you read, the more you learn that's makes you perfect.

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That usually is the result if you read a lot. It increases your reading comprehension.

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Thank you for your good article. I think it's true. the more you read,

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Reading a book is really relaxing.

i just love to read books i have read many books book reading is my hobby

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You have a great point! Reading books is one of my favorite things to spend my time with.

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Hahah! Me and my girlfriend have made it a competition on who reads faster and better. And later we share our stories with each other. And after reading we love to play this game.

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Thank you for your good article. I think it's true. the more you read,
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I believe it's valid. the more you read, it will assist with expanding understanding force and memory. It will expand your perusing wile power.

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I devote more time to reading as the book addiction grows. And my brain becomes better at focusing on the book, the more practice I get

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It relies too much on a type of humor that won't tickle everyone. The first section, 100 pages or so were almost exclusively this, without much plot. While initially funny, I almost got tired enough of it to put it down, but there was just enough hope to keep me going.

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