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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments Create your characters here

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments Name: (required)

Last name: (optional)

Godly parent: ( required. Can be a male god)

Appearance: (optional)

Weapon: (required

Skill: (optional

Hobbies: (optional)

Age: (required)

Birthday: (optional)

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Please also be aware that the Higher gods will have limited children.

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments And it has to make sense.

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What she means is that please actually put
Etc when making your character.

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Name: (Charlette)

Last name: (Rodriguez)

Godly parent: (Athena)

Appearance: (Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Glasses, Light brown hair, brown skin, tall, skinny)

Weapon: (Sword)

Skill: (Weaving)

Hobbies: (Reading and making new arts and crafts)

Age: (12-15)

Birthday: (Summer)

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments There we go!

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Thank You M'ladies.

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