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message 1: by Erin Lynn (new)

Erin Lynn | 2727 comments Mod
I don't know why I never thought of this before, but I'm assuming a lot of you are students.

If you're a student (high school, community college, college, grad school, post graduate studies, etc.), feel free to post in here about school, your major, your classes, how you're balancing reading with school... Really... anything goes (so long as it follows the group rules!).

message 2: by Erin Lynn (new)

Erin Lynn | 2727 comments Mod
I'll start!

I'm Erin, and I'm one of the mods. After a six year hiatus from formal education, I decided to apply to grad school (with the hopes of finding a teaching job). I'm currently in the online Master's of Education program at a school that recently made news because of Dr. Phil. I've got five classes and my comprehensive exams (essays) to go before I graduate.

I haven't really had much time to read because I've been taking classes every semester, working, and then I took summer classes. I've been trying to keep up with the book world, and I hope to return to my blog when I graduate.

message 3: by Janessa (new)

Janessa | 388 comments Mod
I too am a student and one of the mods for All About YA. I have an AA degree in Theatre, and I will very soon have a BA with a major in Theatre and a minor in English with a concentration in writing. After this current semester, I plan on continuing my education and getting a masters in creative writing. I wish to write novels and plays. Having my work one day be published and performed.

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 18 comments Hi! I am a student currently getting my Bachelor's in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Criminal Justice. I'm in my second year of my undergrad now. My goal is to go into Forensic DNA Analysis (aka forensic biology).

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