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message 1: by Nancy L Owens (new)

Nancy L Owens | 18 comments   I would like to request that you create a "place" on this book's page for links to reviews, interviews, etc.
     I have 2 links I would like to share
which is a video of an interview of the author, Patti Callahan Henry, on "Bookmark" on Alabama Public Television.
which links to the transcript of a review of "Becoming Mrs. Lewis" on Alabama Public Radio.
      Actually I would like to see such a place to post links on the pages of ALL books.  
    ONCE I did find some sort of such a place on a book's page & was able to post a link to a review in a newspaper.  Sadly, I do NOT remember the title of that book.

message 2: by lethe (last edited Sep 11, 2019 04:52AM) (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Librarians, being volunteers, do not have the ability to create new functions in Goodreads. You would need to contact Support for that, or make a suggestion in Help.

That said, author pages do have a section where YouTube or Livestream videos can be uploaded, see the left-hand column:

I am not sure what the policy is on this, whether anyone can request video uploads, or only the authors themselves.

Also, every book page has a discussion section: (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Perhaps links such as your second suggestion may be posted there.

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