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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Series of books. YA EARLY 2000s. Teen girl finds our she can talk to/control animals. Old woman, nice coven, evil coven.

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Becky Gilmore | 4 comments The main character is a teenage girl in highschool, who discovers she can talk to and control animals. She befriends an older women who is also a witch who has "familiars" and teaches the main character about herself and her powers. The main character goes over to the older women's house and may house sit for her. I believe the story line is the older women is in a nice coven who are friends with the animals they control but there is an evil coven who believe that they have the power over the animals and they shouldn't be nice to them. Evil guys want to take over. The evil.coven also have a teenage boy who is a witch and tries to seduce/trick the main character. There is one scene where the main character is getting chases by a pack of dogs (through a park/forest) which are controlled by the evil witches.

Thanks for your help guys.

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Lobstergirl | 39848 comments Mod
Is it set in modern times?

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Becky Gilmore | 4 comments yes it is set in modern times.

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