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message 1: by Kay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay | 5 comments Is anyone still active in this group? I just read BK for the first time and would love to discuss it.

message 2: by J (new)

J | 1 comments I am reading it right now

Amyjzed | 13 comments It's been a while since I read it but it's a book I'm still fascinated with. Right now I'm reading an analysis of Dostoevsky's psychology in his books in Rene Girard's Resurrection from the Underground.

message 4: by Kay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay | 5 comments It is definitely one of the most difficult novels I've read and one that has an amazing amount of discussion topics. I think I'd have to read it at least twice more to begin to understand the many layers. While I haven't done a huge amount of reading (and listening) about the book, most of what I have read centers on the brothers. Which makes sense, of course. But I'd like to better understand the roles that the women play in the novel. There wouldn't be a story without them, particularly Katerina Ivanovna and Grushenka. But I'm more interested to understand the roles played by Madame Khokhlakov and her daughter, Lise. Why do you think they figured so greatly in this story?

James Williamson | 1 comments HI Kay, I read Brothers Karamazov a couple months ago and thought it was amazing. I saw your note asking if anyone is active. I haven't seen anyone commenting there since I joined the group. Happy to discuss if you wish, though.


message 6: by Kay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay | 5 comments I would love that, James! I just changed the name of this thread to "new discussion". Perhaps we'll generate more interest. Where should we begin? There is so much in this book to discuss! What did you think about Madame Khokhlakov and her daugher, Lisa? Why were they a part of this story? What did they add to it? What was Alyosha's relationship with Lisa? Was he really planning to marry her?

message 7: by Amyjzed (last edited Oct 01, 2019 02:08AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amyjzed | 13 comments I'd love to come back to this topic when I'm able to refresh myself on some of the book...
I did end up going to a Google preview of the book A Karamazov Companion by Victor Terras and I put in Madame Khokhlakov as a search term. (It only highlighted two notes but I saw her name mentioned a few other places.)

On page 150 of the book the author states that Mme Khokhklakov is "in many ways the counterpart of Fiodor Pavlovich..."
I guess because she is a bit silly and has a serious and spiritually-bent daughter? Elsewhere she is described as having progressive ideas, so perhaps she represents some segment of society in those.

message 8: by Kay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay | 5 comments She seemed to get silly as the book progressed. Very spiritual at first, but shaken by the decay of Zosima's body. Then seemed to get silly - talking too much, thinking she could solve the problems of others. Thanks for that link, Amyjzed!

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