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message 1: by Ames (new)

Ames Sheldon | 18 comments Yesterday I promised to say something about the inspiration for both Don’t Put the Boats Away and the prequel, Eleanor’s Wars. For me, music is incredibly inspiring. My uncle, who attended Andover during World War II, wrote a powerful operetta about his experiences at boarding school and on the occasion of his 50th reunion, he and his family presented those songs. His songs started me down the path of writing these novels. His songs moved me so much—they still do—that I wanted to write a story that would bring those songs to life. Over fifteen years and many rewrites, the stories in my novels evolved but they started with songs. Sometimes I like to listen to music while I’m writing. My favorite piece for that purpose is “The Creation” by Franz Joseph Haydn. The ebb and flow and crescendos in that piece energize me.

I get inspiration from that which moves me or excites me.

I’ve been inspired by people in my family, by specific periods during the 20th century—especially the Progressive era, World War I, World War II, and the women’s movement of the 1960s and ’70s. I’ve been inspired by photos, by ads in old Life magazines. My first (published) novel was inspired by a dream in which a wise old woman told me to write someone’s autobiography in a novelistic form.

Please tell me, what inspires you? One of those who comment on my posts this week will receive a signed copy of Don’t Put the Boats Away at the conclusion of my time as host. What inspires you?
Don't Put the Boats Away by Ames Sheldon Don't Put the Boats AwayAmes Sheldon

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda Bridges (lindajoyb) | 68 comments My inspiration these days are the 6th graders that I get to work with on a part time basis. I am a retired teacher and now tutor two days a week at one of the local elementary schools. These kids that I get to work with are struggling academically, but the effort they put into what we work on in small groups together is an inspiration. Many of them are overcoming obstacles that adults should not even have to face, and yet they come to school day after day and work through it.

message 3: by Ames (new)

Ames Sheldon | 18 comments What a wonderful message, Linda! YOU inspire ME!! I know that kids who struggle academically often have huge challenges with learning disabilities and/or difficult, even chaotic circumstances at home. Working in small groups is probably an important part of the answer. As is interacting with an adult who believes in them and encourages them. I admire what you're doing.

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