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MeerderWörter | 120 comments Mod
Hello all!

I assume that most of you have read at least part of the book by now, so I wonder what you think of it:)

The first chapters go into Buffy's childhood and how she grew up in Maine. She shares some heavy stuff in there, but I think we also get to see already that she is special in a way.

How did you feel reading those chapters?
I personally must say that the foreword and the prologue really hit me, because it shows what a great person Buffy is.
But the first chapters also tell us of dark times, when Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their community and adopted out to white parents. Most prominent is probably the 60s scoop, which took place in the 60s, but even what is going on today, some people, like apihtawikosisan Chelsea Vowel, call it the millennial scoop. So we see, an issue that has been going on for decades, no centuries, is still ongoing.

What are your thoughts on the first chapters that are on Buffy's childhood?

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam | 93 comments I appreciated how Buffy went through all of that but still was able to carve out some semblance of happiness. And more so how she is able to look back on everything kindly.

She is firm, aware of her boundaries, but so very forgiving about the people involved and the situations.

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