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A Man Called Ove
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Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Buddy: LaMesha

Dates: September 10-15, 2019

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
How many chapters would you like to read before we discuss?

15 is fine with me.

I'm also okay with spoilers. Are you?

LaMesha | 18 comments Yes ma'am!!! We can do 15, & spoilers is ok with me as well :-) Yaaayyyyy!!!!!

LaMesha | 18 comments Are you reading the physical copy, or the Audiobook Whitney?

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Im listening to the audiobook! I’ve already started so let me know when you’ve reached the chapter point. Whew, Ove.

LaMesha | 18 comments Okay. I will :-)

LaMesha | 18 comments I finished those chapters, & Ove is something else!!! But I love him ;-( I have seen before when an elderly person loses their spouse, they usually die not too long after. But Ove!! He is taking it to a whole nother level. He is too funny sometimes though. What do you think of him Whitney?

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I can’t stand old grumps! They say respect your elders but it’s hard when they are like Ove. I had a feeling that his whole wife was dead. His father was a honest man but I wish someone could have told him that YOU ARE NOT YOUR FATHER. It’s good to take good things from his father but be your own person. The family who moved in has a lot of patience. I feel like the pregnant lady senses Ove’s sadness underneath the grumpiness.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
This man protected the floor with plastic while he tried to kill himself. Girl it’s crazy! 😩 do you watch boondocks? Ove is the white Stinkmeaner! 🤣 old & mean as a pit bull.

LaMesha | 18 comments Girrrl!!!! He is meaner than a rattle snake!!! When he tried to jump in front of that train, and it slowed down & he said that he was "eye to eye with driver", I did NOT want to laugh. But I did!!!

LaMesha | 18 comments He mean, but I love him so much!!! When I first became a nurse, I worked in the nursing home. Girl I prefered the mean ones lololol. I liked when they cussed me out real good. "Gul I wish you would get yo black ass out of my room. What you want today?" I would say "but I thought you loved me", & they would say, "I do, but I still want yo ass gone". Hahahahahaha!

LaMesha | 18 comments I feel like "the Pregnant One" as he calls her & her girls, are going to bring him out of his depression.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
🤣! Ove’s rudeness is more bitter though! It’s painful to hear all this grumpy energy. I’m on chapter 27 and there’s been no climax other than the attempted suicides. 😩

LaMesha | 18 comments Im on chapter 23. I think that the author is trying to show us how the tragedies that he has endured has caused him to be bitter, yet he is a good man deep down inside. He has saved a mans' life, helped his neighbors, help people fix their
cars & so forth. He didnt do them all willingly, but he did it. Lol

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
He’s always been so serious though. Also, I feel like if he REALLY wanted to kill him self, he would. He just misses his wife so much! I finished last night. Let me know when you’re ready to discuss.

LaMesha | 18 comments I finished reading it Whitney 😢😢😢😢

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
🤣🤣🤣🤣 what did you think of the ending?

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I think it was pretty nice to leave his house to his neighbors and her kids. He really grew to love those girls!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
He really just needed something to keep him occupied this whole tone. It was nice what he did for Rome too. I can’t believe they were beefing over cars!!!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
The twist at the end.. the guy who moved in liked the same type. I will say, he died in that house and I would not be moving in. 😩😭

LaMesha | 18 comments I was so happy that he died in peace 😢 He just needed something & someone to live for. I knew that Parvenah & those girls was going to steal his heart. HE LEFT THEM MILLIIONS 😁😁😁

LaMesha | 18 comments At the end when that guy said that he drove a "Saab", I said Ove would be so proud 😂😂😂😂 He loved that dam car lol.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
You loved Ove. I was a little indifferent about him. 🤷🏾‍♀️ LoL

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