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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 61 comments Mod
For those of you possibly confused, someone requested we split the threads into four parts, to correspond with the four parts in the book, so that we can all post according to where we are in the book (for eg, I am far far behind in reading - bad mod ik - and will probably ignore this thread until I catch up! In which case I'll go to Thread Pt 1 so I can read spoiler-free thoughts on the opening pages of this fabulous read!). Thank you, Daniel, for the great idea! Hopefully we'll all benefit from the separated discussions!

So that we're all (npi) on the same page, I've made a reading tracker (idk what to call it - if anyone else comes up with a good name for it, lmk! I need one 🙈). To download, upload, and/or print it, click here! Hopefully the link works. Just tell me if it doesn't.

For those of you who don't want to bother with a page tracker (or whatever it's called), just letting you know you want to shoot for around 10-12 pages a day, since we have roughly 70-76 pages to read until part three. Since my copy is the online one, those of you reading from the link I sent will have np with the tracker. For those of you who have a copy, lmk if you have issues following, and I can make a [more] accurate one. Basically, just divide part two into equal divisible-by-seven parts - it's not hard. In this section, we're discussing PART TWO: PERSONS UNKNOWN. Please do not post anything about part one or the parts following - especially if they contain spoilers! More about that down below.

Since this is only part two of a four-part book and discussion, please keep all spoilers beyond Part Two (or possible spoilers, since we don't all know beforehand) TO YOURSELF! You don't have to mark it spoiler if you're commenting on the right thread, but if you happen to spill the beans and someone notices, your comment will get deleted by one of the mods. You won't get thrown out, but you may get a dm telling you what's what and giving you a piece of our minds. Just kidding, but please do take it seriously.

I look forward to having an even better discussion than last time, now that we don't have to worry about spoilers, and we're further on in the book. Let's get the ball rolling!

KitKat The #BookNerd KBbookreviews (kb98) | 12 comments Hey- this thread was a great idea!
Since I dont want to spoil anything I just wanted to ask what everyone thinks of Perry so far? (specifically the contrast created between him and Dick, but also generally?)

(I will say more on what I think of this once people are further into part 2! :D)

Daniel | 165 comments Mod
Perry seems like a guy who seeks validation like a mosquito flying towards the light of a bug zapper. We all have degrees of that, especially myself; however, his case is severe.

KitKat The #BookNerd KBbookreviews (kb98) | 12 comments Daniel wrote: "Perry seems like a guy who seeks validation like a mosquito flying towards the light of a bug zapper. We all have degrees of that, especially myself; however, his case is severe."

I agree- he seems to have attached himself to Dick purely because of this, I also think his characterisation can be almost childlike with his obsession with treasure.
Perry's character is one that was supposedly written with a significant amount of authorial bias behind it - which I believe contributes heavily towards how he is a contrast to Dick's character.

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