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message 1: by J (last edited Sep 09, 2019 06:30PM) (new)

J Millerson | 12 comments Hello, I am currently available for free Beta-Reading! I have been writing for over 10 years. I have dedicated my time and energy to helping others achieve their dreams!

I will take roughly three days for shorts stories and two weeks for novels over 80k. I will read and comment on the draft and help you resolve any issues your work might have. I will also give you advice on how to fix any inconsistencies your work might have. I am open to almost all genres, but particularly interested in Fantasy, Si-Fi, Historical, and Horror. The only works I will not Beta-Read are: Politics, Erotica or Nonfiction. My current public email is

Good luck out there,

J.J Millerson

message 2: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Miller | 106 comments Hi J, would you be interested in a paranormal romance?


message 3: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hello JJ,
The Black King's quest is nearly over after seventeen years. Soon the Univerlsal War will end and King Kerrasar will reign supreme in a world where no human, wizard or any crature will be safe. The only hope people have lives on the Capital, Planet Earth, unaware of who they truly are.
But they will find out. Each one shall bear the fate and name of a Saviour, and the world's fate will hang on their shoulders. However, not all can be heroes that easily.
My 95K YA novel is a Fantasy and Sci-fi in its final draft. A story of war, vengeance and change. This is my debut novel and I would like to have it published traditionally, so now I want it checked before I send it off to agents. If you are interested please reach me at
Best of wishes,

message 4: by Lena (new)

Lena Hello JJ!

I have a finished fantasy novel (95K).

Here's my blurb:
Two grizzled veterans, Prince Amron and his assassin-secretary, Telani, escort a youth whose destiny is crucial for the kingdom. When the youth disappears in a blizzard, they chase him to a castle in the forest and all become its prisoners.
Ida escapes her hard life by accidentally joining a band of brigands on their way to rob a lord. Instead of reaching safety, she finds herself in mortal danger, trapped in a castle.
Elysant, a young lady with a head full of romantic stories, is forced by her father into an unwanted marriage. Her attempt to escape invokes a divine magic that turns the castle into a deadly trap.
As their destinies clash, they must find the way to break the curse - or become sacrifices in the castle of lost time.

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

message 5: by J (new)

J Millerson | 12 comments Jelena wrote: "Hello JJ!

I have a finished fantasy novel (95K).

Here's my blurb:
Two grizzled veterans, Prince Amron and his assassin-secretary, Telani, escort a youth whose destiny is crucial for the kingdom. ..."

Hi Jelena, that sounds like an interesting read! Unfortunately, I have started beta-reading two other books. I will message you when I am done with the first two if you are still interested.


J.J Millerson

message 6: by Lena (new)

Lena J wrote: I will message you when I am done with the first two if you are still interested.

Please do.
Thank you.

message 7: by J (new)

J Millerson | 12 comments Sarah Jayne wrote: "Hi J, would you be interested in beta-ing a paranormal romance short story?"
I would normally, but I am currently beta-reading 2 books and I am going to beta-read a third once the other two are done.


J.J Millerson

message 8: by J (last edited Sep 10, 2019 10:07PM) (new)

J Millerson | 12 comments Stefan wrote: "Hello JJ,
The Black King's quest is nearly over after seventeen years. Soon the Universal War will end and Ki..."

I am currently beta-reading 2 books, I have one on the back-burner and a potential fourth one, I will get to your work after, however, if you are still interested.


J.J Millerson

message 9: by Jay (new)

Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 80 comments Hi J!

I'm looking for beta readers for my 61k YA-Scifi novel Black Heart : Arrival - the stunning sequel to my acclaimed novel, The Black Heart of the Station.

Sixty years have passed since the earth-shattering events of Book One, and the Station, a city buried deep beneath the surface of a frozen, lifeless earth, is only months away from completing its centuries-long mission.

Seventeen-year-old Trajectory Specialist Trainee Trudy Barnard is a brilliant student, but she’s haunted by her illustrious pedigree as the granddaughter of the great Matt Barnard, and the daughter of the Master Foreman of the Station.

Trudy discovers a snippet of code hidden in the Mission Control trajectory software that would obliterate the underground city at the moment of Arrival. When her co-workers are unable duplicate her findings, they accuse her of grandstanding, trying to grab attention.

message 10: by J (new)

J Millerson | 12 comments I am currently beta-reading 3 books, I have one on the back-burner and a potential fourth one. I will get to your book after I finish the first 3 if you are still interested.


J.J Millerson

message 11: by PaulBentham (new)

PaulBentham | 25 comments Hi jj,
I am currently working on a 13k sci-fi piece of flash fiction called Xiaon g12. Do you feel you have time for this?, I see you already have a few projects on the go already.

Maverick alien bounty hunter travels to an uncharted planet to locate a rogue agent. On doing so he is paired with a by the cop , and uncovers a terrorist plot which is linked to his own past.
pm if you interested cheers Paul

message 12: by Nick (new)

Nick East (nickeast) | 10 comments Hi, I was just wondering would you be available to read the first chapter of a high-fantasy/attempted comedy novel. It's about 10K words long.

Cheers Nick

message 13: by Jay (last edited Sep 22, 2019 08:22AM) (new)

Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 80 comments J wrote: "I am currently beta-reading 3 books, I have one on the back-burner and a potential fourth one. I will get to your book after I finish the first 3 if you are still interested.


J.J Millerson"

Sure, that would be great. Feel free to contact me at if you're ready to read. Thanks.

message 14: by Mytchel (new)

Mytchel Chandler (authormytchelchandler) | 42 comments Hello! My name is Mytchel Chandler and I am seeking Beta readers for my 82K word, YA Fantasy novel, titled The Dark and Dangerous Days of Sin Shadow. I am looking for a comprehensive assessment focused on a generalized view of the story. I.e. Narrowing in on plot holes, character inconsistency, etc. Please review the synopsis below and see if it is something you’d be interested in. Looking forward to working with you!
Sin Shadow, a coming of age teen, has found his true calling in life, becoming a baker. But destiny has other plans as he discovers he has the ability to travel through shadows. When he asks his queen for capital in order to open up his bake shop, the Queen gives him an ultimatum; become the ambassador between the two sides of their world, The Land of the Light and the Land of the Dark, and stop the war from happening, or face the front lines.
He is sent to reconcile with King Nyx, the leader of The Land of the Dark, but struggles on his journey as he unearths the meaning behind his newfound abilities. Sin’s mission to harmonize the two lands turns into a desperate race against time when a foreign army from a land beyond the sea threatens to invade.
Not only must he stop the red army from conquering his homeland, garner the trust of two divided nations, parent his winged cat-son, Alonso, and wrestle with the knowledge that he may never own his own bakery, but Sin must find the answer to the question he’s been struggling with his whole life: Where does he belong?

message 15: by Gerard (new)

Gerard O'Neill | 74 comments Hello J,

I have a 60K word YA science fiction book ready to read in a few days after final edits on the MS are done. This is book 2 in a series.

I'm looking for sharp eyes on pacing, continuity, on character believability, world building, and story. All suggestions welcome, I have thick skin. I would like inline comments.

Thank you in advance

message 16: by Tamara (new)

Tamara | 34 comments Hi J!
I just sent you an email


message 17: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 67 comments Hi. This is a young adult fantasy and it is my first manuscript.

A group of teens struggle to survive after magic is released into the world.
While a group of soldiers fight to save a town from supernatural creatures.
They must fight monsters and learn about magic if they are to find safety.

message 18: by Jay (new)

Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 80 comments Hi J,

I'm looking for a beta-reader for my 78k Scfi/Dystopian novel Black Heart : Origin - The heart-stopping third book in my Black Heart series.

Hard-nosed blogger Carmine Cleary lives in a frigid and snow-bound LA in the mid twenty-first century. It’s been more than ten years since the news broke that the earth was spiraling far out of its orbit, dragged by a perturbation of a celestial force known as Dark Matter. The ongoing catastrophe has been nicknamed the ‘Big Chill’.

Scientists understand what’s happening, but are powerless to stop it. Within a year, every living thing on the surface, billions of humans and trillions of other life forms, will freeze to death. The news has sparked a desperate rush to the warmer equatorial regions.

Like the rest of humanity, Carmine has accepted that that he will die of the cold or of starvation. But while investigating the death of a billionaire philanthropist, he stumbles on an incredible secret known only to a select few - that a mysterious secret society has been constructing a massive installation underground, not far from the city of San Francisco.

A tiny fraction of the earth’s population are planning to survive the Big Chill.

message 19: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 168 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (107,410 words). I would describe this as a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!
Thank you!

In the land of Fantacia, there are five Kingdoms that rule over all, each having its own species: Farian, Monstro, Mundus, Shifter, and Telik. The Kingdom's are constantly at odds and have been on the brink of war for years.

Hoping to take advantage of the Kingdom's disheveled state is Raven, a Mundus that has three-fourths of her body burned. Richard, a Farian with wings as dark as the night and an unmatched skillset with a sword. Colt, a Shifter with two different colored eyes who escaped the Shifter Kingdom and has unmatched fighting skills.

The small group wishes nothing more than to take over the Kingdom's and claim the thrones for themselves. However, one day Raven runs into the entity of Death, and he forces them to derail their plan and follow his, unknown to Richard and Colt. Raven has to go to the Kingdom that she never wanted to see again, the Mundus Kingdom. There, the group's secrets and pasts begin to slowly rise to the surface, threatning their plans. Raven is forced to do as Death says, which begins to take a physical and mental toll on Raven. However, they still have one goal - revenge.

Please PM me :)

message 20: by Adam (new)

Adam (aboynamedblue) | 4 comments Hello,

I have a flash fiction fairy tale ~940 words. Would love some input/critique/edits/whatever if you are interested.

'Colored Glass' is the tale of a young trollish woman who leaves her small village on the outskirts of civilization for the first time to explore the wonders of the world, particularly the large central city of the land. She is not ready for the societal tensions she finds there.

Please PM if you would like to read and critique. I appreciate any and all help. :)

message 21: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 109 comments Hey J,

"A Weekend Trip from the Afterlife" tells the dark but comedic story of Joe, an underachiever young lad, and his great great great grandfather's ghost who comes to his visit for one weekend. It takes place in 2080, at a time when global warming, pollution, and human-caused natural disasters have wrecked the modern world, yet the consumers' culture is still intact. The ghost, referred to as sepia man, tries to get a grip on the new technology, fashion, unsanitary living conditions, lack of clean air and water, and above all, how people can still live their lives as if everything is normal under such circumstances throughout the story.

The world has gone through a natural cataclysm and is ruled by a capitalistic dystopia. Old skyscrapers lie more than halfway below the poisonous, risen, zombie fish lurking seawater, and the sun rays are scorching. It’s impossible to walk on the quays that make the streets outside without wearing portable tents.

Joe and sepia man get mocked, are lectured, and have the worst time of their lives and deaths throughout the tragically comedic story. The ghost questions Joe and his family about wars waged, and mass murdering atomic bombs. They talk about the past, books, and love.

The story is a contemporary one, mixed with single drops of sci-fi and fantasy: The future, and a ghost. It is 65,900(ish) words and is meant to be the first part of a five book series. I believe it is somehow similar in tone to Douglas Adam’s "A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" series (with its “pessimistic on a healthy dose” sense of humor), and Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s "The Little Prince".

I can send you the MS if it picks your interest.

Hope to hear from you.


Ali Benice

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